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 +====== Support the way to input “Conditional Text and Overlays” for form/check application ======
 +Just drag and drop spooled text to right panel to create a mapped field, go to window "Map Field Properties",​ from the tab "Field Type", just select option "​Condition Text and Macro",​ locate to the tab "Map Properties"​ to enter field values
 +If you would like to select macro name for field "Macro Name", we can give the way to automatically retrieve list of macros from IFS folder QDLS/​FormFmg. Just click left mouse into this field to open window "​Connect to host" (if you haven’t connected to server before), click on button "​Connect",​ and wait for the moment. The list of macros will be filled to drop box "Macro Name", just select one. Note that, if the iMap project has any "​Condition text and macro" mapped field type, the condition file will be uploaded and updated into green screen side.
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