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Obsolete iView Data Areas

  • DSRETASC: (iView 4) Archive iDocs *USERASCII Spool File. Value 'Y', 'N' or blank. If set to Y will cause iView to put the *USERASCII spool file that is output from iDocs, normally discarded after conversion to pdf, into the archive outqueue.
  • SESSIONTO: Session Timeout in Minutes. Number of minutes to time out a logged in user to the browser front end. This is used by iView 4 and prior releases. In iView 5 see the file i5_def.php.
  • DSZEND: Set to 'Y' if the iView 5 front end is installed.
  • DSZENDLOC: Contains the location of the PHP interpreter. By default this is set to /usr/local/Zend/Core/bin/.
  • DSSCRLOG: Script Location. Location of the iView 5 Php scripts in the IFS. Default value is '/iview5/'.
  • DSPHPCONF: Contains the full path of the iView 5 PHP configuration file i5_def.php, by default /iview5/i5_def.php.
  • DSRELEASE: iView 5.11 and later, contains the iView version.

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