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Obsolete iView Data Areas

  • DSRETASC: (iView 4) Archive iDocs *USERASCII Spool File. Value 'Y', 'N' or blank. If set to Y will cause iView to put the *USERASCII spool file that is output from iDocs, normally discarded after conversion to pdf, into the archive outqueue.
  • SESSIONTO: Session Timeout in Minutes. Number of minutes to time out a logged in user to the browser front end. This is used by iView 4 and prior releases. In iView 5 see the file i5_def.php.
  • DSZEND: Set to 'Y' if the iView 5 front end is installed.
  • DSZENDLOC: Contains the location of the PHP interpreter. By default this is set to /usr/local/Zend/Core/bin/.
  • DSSCRLOG: Script Location. Location of the iView 5 Php scripts in the IFS. Default value is '/iview5/'.
  • DSPHPCONF: Contains the full path of the iView 5 PHP configuration file i5_def.php, by default /iview5/i5_def.php.
  • DSRELEASE: iView 5.11 and later, contains the iView version.
  • DSOVPRT: Release 5.11 and later, enter a 'Y' to skip over printed lines when creating index values. This will result in only the first line of overprinted data being used in the index.

For iView 5, web front end configuration data is contained in the file i5_def.php .

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