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Create ACH File and Control File

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Option 4, from the ACH Menu will call command SBMACHFILE. This will provide the following screen to the user to enable the ACH detail and control files to be created.

FM7226                         Create ACH File                  6/20/09 
QSECOFR                  Create ACH Control and Detail         13:38:13 
ACH Control Key . . . . . . . . . . .:            (F4=Prompt)                  
F3=Exit   F10=Submit   F12=Cancel     

The user may enter a valid ACH Control Key, or prompt for an existing ACH Key. Once the ACH Key is validated, the program will pass the ACH Control Key to the command CRTACHFILE. Otherwise, an error message will appear notifying the user that an invalid ACH key has been entered.

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