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Define a Positive Pay Set

As the description implies, a Positive Pay Set is simply a collection of Positive Pay Applications grouped together for form a single transaction file. This is extremely useful for companies with multiple bank accounts with a single bank for which a single transimission not only streamlines operations, but also cuts the cost of fees paid to the bank for transmitting positive pay files.

Positive Pay Set Creation

The screen below illustrates the the interface to the Positive Pay Set created by selecting option 2 from the Positve Pay menu.

 8/11/07                 iSeries Positive Pay  4.0                   PP0470C3  
14:39:55                    Positive Pay Set                         QSECOFR   
 Positive Pay Set Name/Description. . :                                        
 Transmit Library/File. . . . . . . . :  FMG        FILESET                    
 Transmission Number. . . . . . . . . :                                        
 Modem Device . . . . . . . . . . . . :  BSCELSRC               Baud: 9600     
 Report Library/Queue . . . . . . . . :  QUSRSYS    POSOUTQ                    
                        Save      Hold      Detail    Summary                  
                          Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes                    
                          No        No        No        No                     
F1=Help   F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F12=Previous                                   

In the upper portion of the screen, communications configuration mirrors the previously defined Positive Pay Application. The bottom portion of the screen allows for one or more applications to be listed.

The resulting transmission file created from the form set extraction process generates check information in the same order as the positive pay entries were entered into the list itself.

Note that the Transmit Library/File defined for the set should not have the same name as that defined for the constituent applications. The Positive Pay Set will populate each constituent file and then copy all of the records to the Pay Set's consolidated transmission file.

At this point, however, the positive pay set has not been adapted to use FTP for transmission, and is limited to modem transmission.

Positive Pay Set Extraction and Creation

  8/11/07                 iSeries Positive Pay  5.0                   PP0470C1  
 14:49:30                    Positive Pay Set                         QSECOFR   
 Type options, press Enter.                                                     
  1=Select   3=Copy   4=Delete   7=Rename   8=Extract   9=Transmit              
  10=Extract and Transmit   11=View Transmission File                           
                  Opt  Set Name          Description                            
                       INFORMSET   inFORM Pay Set                               
 F1=Help   F3=Exit   F6=Add                                                     

Once the positive pay set is created, then a resulting extract file, and transmission may be created. To do so, Select Option 2 from the Positive Pay. From the list of existing Positive Pay sets choose the appropriate option to either create or set the Positive Pay set.

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