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Enabling iSeries Postive Pay within iChecks

The first step to enabling iSeries Positive Pay is to configure iDocs to recognize that the integration between the two modles,iDocs and iSeries Postive Pay are active and linked. Doing so requires that an iChecks Check is changed in two places: Work with data mapped fields, and Bank File Maintenance.

Once the iChecks configuration is completed, the iSeries Postive Pay, job schedule entries need to be established for extracting from the transaction files and submitting this extraction file to the bank.

As mentioned earlier in the overview, the check date needs to be reported within the Positive Pay transmission to the bank.

Work with data map fields: Within the mapped data fields section, three new fields need to be defined with distinct names that will map the check’s month, day and year. A straightforward method of accomplishing this would be to use the configure data map screen to locate each section of the check date. Simply map the check’s month and name the data field CHECKMM as illustrated below:

  8/11/07                     iDocs Form Suite                        FM2500D7  
 03:03:57                    Map Field Maintenance                    QSECOFR   
  Form Name. . . . . .  MYCHECKAPP  Field Name . . . CHECKMM    F4=List        
                                     Description. . . iPay Check Month          
Spooled File Source                                                             
  From Row . . . . . .   6           To Row . . . . . . .    6                  
  From Column  . . . .  69           To Column  . . . . .   72                  
Overlay Target                                                                  
  Horizontal Position.  9998 300dpi  Vertical Position. .   9998  300dpi        
  Map Field  . . . . .       F4=List Map Type . . . . . .  2 F4=List  XY Mapping
  Font . . . . . . . .       F4=List Courier 10cpi Regular                      
  Line Spacing . . . .       300dpi  Font Rotation. . . .       90° 180° 270°   
  Form Side. . . . . .       F4=List Non duplex field                           
Conditionally map                                                               
  If the value in column       to column                                        
  Map next field end                 Bursting. . . . . .   N  (Y/N)             
  of this field . . .      (Y/N)                                                
  Sort Sequence . . . .    F4=List                                              
  F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F10=Save   F12=Cancel                                   

Next map the check’s day and name the field CHECKDD. Lastly, locate the check year and name the field CHECKYY. These field names are not arbitrary, but in fact are triggers for the positive pay module. Like the reserved field names of CHECK$ and CHECK#, these fields should be mapped off the visible area of the check. To accomplish this within use configure data map screen give the these fields an X location of 9998 and a blank Y location. If the bank requires that the payee name be included, the reserved field PAYEE can also be mapped. If 2 lines of PAYEE information is required, the two reserve fields PAYEE1 and PAYEE2 can be used instead of PAYEE.

Note: If the single reserve field PAYEE is used the mapped data is written to the VRPAYE field on the FMRPPOF issued checks file. If the two reserved fields PAYEE1 and PAYEE2 are used instead, the mapped data from each of these fields is concatenated to populate the VRPAYE field on FMRPPOF.

The F4 prompt presents a list of all available reserved field names.

CHECKMM     iPay Check Month 
CHECKDD     iPay Check Day          
CHECKYY     iPay Check Year last 2  
PAYEE       iPay Check Payee 
PAYEE1      iPay Check Payee Line 1 
PAYEE2      iPay Check Payee Line 2       

Another configuration setting needs to established with the Bank File Maintenance screen from within iChecks. Navigate to this screen from the main menu selecting, 'Work with Check Applications' and choosing the specific check application to be modified with an option 1. Once the check header informatoin appears, press the F5 function key. The renders the bank file maintenance screen. At this point, displaying a prompt for the Positive Pay ID. The Positive Pay ID should contain your unique ID assigned by the bank. More than likely this would be the same as your account number. Once the ID is identified and the value has been placed in this field, the presence of this value triggers iSeries Positive Pay when licensed to place all processed checking information (i.e. check number, account, and amount) into a transaction file. This file will subsequently be used to submit electronically to the bank.

  8/11/07                         iChecks                             FM2511S2  
 03:18:50                   Bank File Maintenance                     QSECOFR   
  Form Name  . . .  MYCHECKAPP                        Xloc Yloc F4=List        
  Company Name . .                                                              
  Co. Address 1  .                                                              
  Co. Address 2  .                                                              
  Co. Address 3  .                                                              
  Co. Address 4  .                                                              
  Bank Name  . . .                                                              
  Bank Address 1 .                                                              
  Bank Address 2 .                                                              
  Bank Address 3 .                                                              
  Account Number .                    Positive Pay ID:                          
  Transit Number .                      MICR Line loc:                          
  Routing Number(Upper)                                                         
  Routing Number(Lower)                                                         
  Comment/Type . . . .                                                          
  Check Number . . . .  Prefix:        Tran Code:                               
  Print Logo (Y/N)          Logo Macro:             F4 Dollar Amount in MICR    
  Print Signature(Y/N)      Signature Macro1:          Macro2:                  
  Signature Limit1 . .                     Limit2:                              
F1=Help   F3=Exit     F10=Update   F11=Logo Macro Placement F12=Cancel  F13=MICR

That concludes the steps necessary to configure the iChecks module to be enabled. Note that all of the steps defined need to be completed correctly ensuring that numeric values account for the largest significant value.

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