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Epay Module

The Epay module is an add-on module to iACH. It reformats the ACH file output from CGC to produce a Citi Prepaid Standard Request File.


To install restore the library EPAY - see the readme.epay.txt file in the distribution.
Put EPAY above FMG in the library list.

Then create the logical file PRPMST1 as follows:

  • Adjust the library list so that the version of PRPMST that you want referenced for EPay is at the top. Check this with WRKOBJ PRPMST *FILE.

Note that the file name PRPMST1 is configurable, see below.


Below is a sample configuration screen for Epay.

  3/10/11                           iACH 1.0                          IA1000S2  
 10:44:23                 Work with iACH Applications                 DYOKANA   
 Application:  SAMPLECFG  Description: Sample Configuration                     
 Communications Configuration:                           ACH Library: CMSFIL    
                                                         ACH File. .: PRPACHA   
 Baud Rate: 9600                                         Routing Nbr: 031207584 
 Phone. . : T:18005551212     Modem Device: IACH         Bank File  : BANKMSTR  
                                                         Bank Libr  : QGPL      
 Sign on Configuration:                                                         
                                                         Partner ID : 0001      
                                                         Program ID : 0002      
                                                         Sec Lbl ID : 28        
                                                         Sec Lbl Val: Y          
                                                         TYPE 28 DEFAULT        
                                                         Use Type 23: Y         
                                                         TYPE 23 DEFAULT        
 Report Configuration: Outqueue: PRT01       Save: Y     Emp Master : PRPMST1   
                          Library: QUSRSYS    Hold: Y    Emp Libr   : EPAY      
 F3=Exit   F10=Save   F12=Cancel                                                

  • ACH File and Library: This is the CGC ACH file, or copy thereof, that will be processed by the Epay module.
  • Routing Number: Bank account to search for in ACH file.
  • Bank File and Library: Output Epay file.
  • Partner ID: Written into the header record, record type 01, as the PARTNER_ID.
  • Program ID: Written into the header record, record type 03, as the PROGRAM_ID.
  • Secondary Label ID: Written into record type 72 as SECOND_ID. The value (below) is the company name from SYSCNC.
  • Secondary Label Value:

Secondary Label Value - First 20 characters written into the header record, record type 01, as the FILE_NAME.
If a company record is not found in SYSCNC, this is written into record type 09 as PASS_THROUGH, and
record type 72 as SECOND_VALUE

  • Use Type 23: Y/N Write an additional type 72 record with trancode 23 following the secondary label id above.

This field is populated with company number concatenated with division number from the CGC file SYSCNC. Use the value on the following line as the default in the event a record is not found in SYSCNC.

  • Employee Master File and Library: A logical file built on PRPMST in the installation section of these instructions. The name specified here should be the name used in the logical file creation.

File Creation

Program IAR2000 concatenates the members of the CGC ACH file PRPACH into one member with name PRPACH. It then invokes IAR2100, which creates the Epay files. IAR2000 then recalculates the totals records in the original file to provide for the removal of records to the Epay file. The result of the processing is PRPACH with Epay records deleted, and the Epay file itself.

The output files are two undefined files ( flat files ): the reworked CGC file PRPACH 94 bytes in length, and the Epay file at 401 bytes length.

IAR2100 processes scans all the records in PRPACH and selects records of transaction amount 0, bank r/t equal to the specified r/t, and a transaction code of 23 ( checking account credit prenotification ). Employee information is pulled from the defined employee file. Company information is pulled from SYSCNC.

Verbose Processing: If the data area DSEPAYVERB is 'Y' IAR2100 will write into the job log information about what it is doing. If it is set to 'N' it will not.

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