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Rendering a Positive Pay File

Selecting option 1 from the positive pay menu, and selecting an application with an option 8 for Extract, will create and format positive pay records according to the bank specifications.

The data from these records originate from two files. One file that contains checks issued, and another file that contains voided and cancelled checks. In selecting these records, the program extracts check information from records that have not been previously processed, and once the unprocessed records have been selected to create the new file, those records are marked with a date time stamp as processed. In this way the same check issued and voided check will not be processed more than once.

Normally, the extract option will only be used from the menu during an initial test phase. After that point, the extract procedure will be used as a job schedule entry in the IBM job scheduler. Therefore the entire procedure will be fully automated.

The Illustration below displays the prompt for the extract command.

                         Positive Pay Extract (EXTRACT)                    
 Type choices, press Enter.                                                
 Positive Pay Definition  . . . . > INFORMTEST    Value, or F4 for list    

Note that the value for the positive pay definition is prompt enabled. Pressing the F4 key here would the display all of the available positive pay applications.

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