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FMC0459 - TFPRTAPI Engine

FMC0459 operates by invoking all merges through the TFPRTAPI command. There are additional options relating to the user profile under which the processing occurs given below.

The unusual feature of this engine is the option to process under the userid of the input spool file. The output of the engine is thus owned by this user profile.

To invoke, prompt the command FMC0459 and complete the parameters as follows:

                        Launch TFPRTAPI Engine (FMC0459)                        
 Type choices, press Enter.                                                     
 Name of iDocs Dtaq Engine  . . .                 iDocs Defined Dtaq Engine     
 User Profile Process Option  . .   *NONE         *NONE, *SPLFOWNER             
 Single Threaded Job Queue  . . .   *NONE         Character value               
 Job Queue Library  . . . . . . .   *LIBL         Character value               
 Jobq to Launch Engine  . . . . .   *JOBD         Character value               
 Engine Jobq Library  . . . . . .   *LIBL         Character value               
 Profile To Run Engine  . . . . .   *CURRENT      Character value               
 Produce Merge JobLog . . . . . .   *NO           If Using Single Threaded JobQ 

  • Name of iDocs Dtaq Engine : FMC0459 uses a dataqueue engine definition for processing. Supply the engine definition name in upper case.
  • User Profile Process Option: *NONE to process all jobs under the user profile running the engine. Specify *SPLFOWNER to process the jobs under the spool file owner userid. Caution - this userid must have adequate authority to all the products that the engine will invoke. Use of this option will cause the output of the process to be owned by the input spool file owner.
  • Single Threaded Job Queue: If *NONE is specified, all jobs will be processed in the engine job context. Specify a single threaded job queue to have the processing jobs (TFPRTAPI) launch into this job queue and run from there. Certain processes, such as iFax, may require this option.
  • Job Queue Library: library containing the single threaded job queue.
  • Jobq to Launch Engine: Job queue into which to launch the main engine process. Normally this would be FMGJOBQ.
  • Engine Jobq Library: Library containing the engine job queue.
  • Profile To Run Engine: User profile to run engine. Should have good authority.
  • Produce Merge JobLog: Normally set to *NO. If using a single threaded job queue set to *YES

during setup to trap problems. *YES will produce a separate job log spool file for each merge job.


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