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                  ​iView,​ add VarChar into Index fields. ​                  ​iView,​ add VarChar into Index fields. ​
-02/​07/​15 ​ 6.8.0  iDocs; Fixed the bug where the X/Y Adjustment values for the first Form Application on the list was adopted to the others selected +02/​07/​15 ​ 6.8.0  iDocs; Fixed the bug where the X/Y Adjustment values for the first Form Application on the list was adopted to the others selected when selecting to Edit multiple Form Applications;​ The Smart Routing Auto wrap message length is now equal to what is specified on the iMail Configuration;​ iMail: Added a search field in the iMail Group directory; PDF enhancement providing API command ADDSIGFD to insert a signature field into PDF page(s), at a designated position.
-                 when selecting to Edit multiple Form Applications;​ The Smart Routing Auto wrap message length is now equal to what is specified on +
-                 the iMail Configuration;​ iMail: Added a search field in the iMail Group directory; PDF enhancement providing API command ADDSIGFD +
-                 to insert a signature field into PDF page(s), at a designated position.+
 +03/19/15 6.8.0 Positive Pay Change function key F1 to F4 as prompt-able on PP0467W2; Remove prompt for TARGET FILE field; Implement functions copy/delete for configuration as Pospay application is copied/​deleted;​ Implement option 19 to build subfile to display 2 files stdErr.txt and stdOut.txt. ​
 +Utilities- Amended Utility program FMRSAVFRM to save all bank data for user data as requested. (6.80) 03/26/2015
 +iDocs– Fixed bursting program FMR2533 by adding a monitor to handle exception when deleting an non-existed spool file. (6.80) 04/09/2015
 +Smart Router Added 02 new keywords: *EXTB and *EXTE to insert a text value into extra first page or extra last page. (6.80) 04/15/2015
 +Smart Router– to retain original user ID. *SPLOWNER keyword to set the original user for new generated spool files. iDocs– Created a new data area DSOLDSR (value = Y) to force iDocs Smart Routing to emulate the older style (pre-iDocs6) simple method of either email, or fax, or print in that order. (6.81) 05/15/2015
 +iDocs-major changes in spool files loading, the speed of loading spool files was changed dramatically as well as additional API commands (DUPSPLF;​MMRGSPLF;​ ESNDSPLFD) and options (1=Merge/​Print,​ user now can specify the library of output queue; 8=Convert to IFS to call iMail conversion). iMail-Fixed the ESNDEMAIL command for carriage return line spacing. (6.82) 06/01/2015
 +iMail– New iMail Configuration Options: Submit Process to Batch; Smart Router– New feature: Insert Text by Target. This feature will retrieve a text from spool file (which its position is defined by Map Field) or a constant text to a specified position. (6.83) 06/19/2015
 +iChecks– New iCheck signature and logo authority added.
 +(6.84) 07/02/2015
 +iMail– New and improved iMail log makes it easier to mange and work with.
 +•Can quickly navigate to a screen page by entering page number
 +•There are 4 views: view by Subjects, To address, From address, Sending job
 +•Can search (function key F7=Find) by From, To Address, Status, Date, or by job user ID
 +•Can purge the log with selected search criteria
 +•The Resend option has been enhanced to send attachments from the IFS
 +To implement these enhancements you must changed the WRKMAILLOG command to use program IMREMLOG instead of IMR0605.
 +Positive Pay– Fixed an issue where Voids where not included on the transmission or flagged for deletion on the void file. (6.84) 08/11/2015
 +iBar – Fixed the Java parameter used to declare the environment variables (FMRCBARC) used when starting the Java Virtual Machine used in Scaling bar codes.
 +(6.84) 08/17/2015
 +iMail– Renamed the DUPSPLF command to IFDUPSPLF in order to eliminate customer conflicts. Made the iMail JAR file location configurable and added a directory location to the iMail configuration screen.
 +(6.84) 08/20/2015
 +iMail– enhancement to add functionality to iSign and iView.
 +(6.84) 08/25/2015
 +Smart Router– added 3 keywords: *PAGENBR – Spool page number, *OPAGENBR – Odd spool page number, *EPAGENBR – Even spool page number into Insert Text function of Smart Router.
 +iBar– Added a Human Readable Text option to Scaling Bar Codes. Changed the individual bar width measurement from millimeters to inches. Convert the data in file FRMMBARC from mm to inches. (6.85) 11/05/2015
 +iDocs/​iMail– authorities on spool file selection. Can now restrict who can view a spool file in iDocs and iMail. Controlled by the iMail Administration options. (6.85) 11/25/2015
 +iDocs– fixed an issue with engines and TFPRTAPI when using *SPLFOWNER. (6.85) 03/11/2016
 +iMail– Implemented an server delay to eliminate exchange server errors. Data are DSIMAILDLY was added with the default of 0 seconds which represents no delay, whereas a value of ‘2’ would indicate a 2 second delay in processing. (6.85) 05/12/2016
 +Smart Router– Added support of the polling engine in the Smart Router module. Note: When you use polling engine, if the Archive queue is *NONE or blank, the original spool file status will be changed to HLD after processing. Eliminate any double byte characters (DBCS) found on the original spool, so the file can be processed normally by iDocs/​iChecks. (6.86) 06/30/2016
 +iDocs– Enhancement to add the ability to add a macro to print at the end of a Form Application merge process.
 +iView– Enhancement to add the ability to edit annotations. (6.86) 09/27/2016
 +iMail– Added a new API command ESNDDBFS to send multiple databases. ESNDDBF XLS option now has unlimited number of records in database and no limit field length and number of columns of database when converted to CSV.
 +(6.87) 11/15/2016
 +iMail– Significantly enhancements are listed below:
 +• Added a new output type *XLSX and a new conversion module to convert a database to the XLSX format.
 +• The conversion performance is improved significantly
 +• The limit 65,535 records per sheet of XLS format was removed and a sheet can contain unlimited records.
 +• Whereas the XLS conversion consumes a lot of memory, XLSX conversion is really memory safe.
 +• Added XLS template support: user can define a XLS template as an overlay with mapping fields in iDocs, and merge spool file data with XLS.
 +NOTE: The Java iMail option now requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 and above. To use the iMail Java module and/or convert database to XLS or XLSX, you need JRE 1.6 or above. (JRE 1.6 is supported on O/S V6R1 and above, V5R4 users would have to upgrade their JRE to 1.6. A backup solution to switch back to JRE 1.5 takes a couple hours and not recommended. For DB2XLSX, it must be JRE 1.6) (6.88) 01/31/2017
 +iMail– Email multiple PDFs (of bursting spool file) in iDocs merge. To enable this feature see F9=Advance Function and set Multiple PDFs (of Bursting) in an Email = Y. Added an option = 8 to view groups on Distribution Lists.
 +(6.88) 05/25/2017.
 +iMail– The iMail module enhancements are listed below:
 +• The ESNDDBF api will ignore the header and retain the CSV format if the physical file was originally in a CSV format
 +• The original spool file is retained at the original queue if its SAVE attribute is *YES and engine doesn’t define a archive output queue
 +• Add a iMail polling engine option and show confirmation prompt before delete in iMail application menu
 +• Resolved the Form-set issue with map type 3 and relative duplex Y
 +• Resolved the ESNDDBF issue with DDM (remote file) where iMail would close the remote connection of DDM
 +• Fixed the issue where ESNDSPLF failed to send the email if ‘TOADDR’ was blank when CCADDR (or BCCADDR) have values
 +• File XLS loss data when using ESNDSPLF to send scs spool file
 +• Fixed the issue that the attachment of iMail was encoded into MIME of mail body
 +• If bursting is utilized in the iDocs merge, send all the bursted PDF files into one email instead of separating each PDF in the email (6.89) 08/24/2017
 +iMail– Enhancement to convert a AFPDS spool file into PDF. The command ESNDSPLF will automatically detect the spool file type: SCS, PCL, AFPDS (new) and convert it to PDF. Note: The OS release requires V7R1 and above.
 +(6.89) 10/05/2017.
 +iMail– Enhancement to provide a formatted signature to your emails. This feature requires utilization of the Java mail option. (6.89) 10/25/2017.
 +iDocs– Database mapping enhancement. See the database mapping documentation for details. (6.90) 11/28/2017
 +iMail– Added a parameter to the ESNDSPLF command named OUTPUTNAME which will enable overriding the iMail attachment name. If this parameter is blank, then the default name is used.(6.90) 12/15/2017
 +iMail– Added a new command ESNDDTAQ to facilitate directing the created PDF to the appropriate client/user machine. iMail now supports blank, comma or semi-colon as addresses separator in all TO, CC and BCC address fields.
 +(6.90) 02/02/2018
 +iMail– Added a new data area DSTIMEOUT (number of seconds) when iMail gets response from the mail server. If set to ‘0’ (the default) the feature will not engage. This is to prevent the jobs from getting stuck because of server communication. (6.91) 03/19/2018
 +iView– Added a new command PRTPDF2Q, which contains parameters for output spool file name and form type. Use will require a IVIEWWEB license key code
 +(6.91) 04/23/2018
 +iDocs– Enhancement to add the ability to add a macro to print at the end of a Form Set merge process.
 +iDocs– File FRMSVRJ was added to store an active engine for the Engine Maintenance FRM450C1 display.
 +COPYDATA – additional parameter so that user can specify the desired location to restore the jar files to rather than the default location /​QIBM/​UserData/​Java400/​ext.
 +Database Mapping – Enhancements include: Conditionally Map of database mapping field: new enhancement can check the condition of any database field (old enhancement can only check the value of current field). Define number of Columns per page (for detail file): when a detail file with detail fields are used, user can define how many data column will be printed on each page. It can define up to 5 columns
 +iMail-PRGMAILLOG compatibility with revised log file FRMEMLOG fixed with additional parameters to make it consistent with the purge screen in iMail. (6.91) 05/22/2018
 +iDocs– A new option has been added for Mapped field alignment: Align as ‘G’ for General format. When this field is ‘G’ then if the value is numeric, iDocs will format the numeric value as -134 (instead of 134- as on the spool file) and utilize right alignment.
 +iMail– A new option has been added to the iMail Configuration providing the ability for iMail to use a secondary SMTP Host Mail Server configuration option if the first one cannot connect. (6.92) TBD
 +iView– A new feature Import Document in iView in which user can lookup the data from an external file and perform a manual import.(8.44) 10/16/2018
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