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iChecks Questions and Answers

General Questions

I want to manually merge my check application on different outq which will send to 2 different printers (printer 1: original check, printer 2: check copy with no MICR line.)

Create 2 overlays for the same check. First overlay will be original check without logo and signature(if CheckSecure is used, additional overlays not specified here like logo and signature but within the bank file maintenance), second overlay have the same check information including hard-coded logo and Non-negotiable signature except creating an opaque copy with clear property box that will cover the bottom part of the check where MICR line is printed. That is for PC FORM Designer part. On the FlashFORM400 Form Definition Maintenance, specify 2 different overlay information for the macros.

1. Overlay (overlay1), Seq# (1), Drawer (1), Merge (Y), Form Prompt (*STD), Distribution Overide Outq (outq1)

2. Overlay (overlay2), Seq# (2), Drawer (1), Merge (Y), Form Prompt (*STD), Distribution Overide Outq (outq2)

When making a manual merge at the Output Options prompt, make sure the Outq to be specified as “*FORMDEF” value. If using CheckSecure Card, make sure MICR.SFP font loaded on the card otherwise, second overlay might not be printed correctly

MICR Questions

My MICR line at the bottom of my check is printing out strange characters instead of the standard MICR line.

Make sure you installed your MICR.SFP font file.

Can the amount of the check print in the MICR line?

As of the current version, this feature is not implemented.

Attempting to modify the check output to compress out the spaces from the micr line for the check number.

Map the check number field with a reserved field name of CHECK@#.

Mapping Questions

On my AP checks the mapping does not come out correctly.

Download the sheet APP25325 for 3.3 customers and sheet APP26352 for 3.2 customers.

Overlay Questions

The logo isn’t appearing on checks. How can this be fixed?

Verify that the logo macro is loaded in the shared folder FORMFMG. Verify as well that the user profile that generated the checks has an entry in the distribution directory.

Signature Questions

Signatures are printing on checks, even though the amount of the check exceeds the signature limit.

Check to make sure that the mapped field CHECK$ correctly defines the beginning and ending row and column values.

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