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Multi User iDocs

It is possible to setup iDocs to segregate user data, at least in part.

It is not possible in the current release to segregate folder data, as iDocs pulls from the same folder location: /qdls/formfmg.

To separate form, check, formset, and engine definitions, use these instructions:

1. For a user or group of users, create a separate library (example: USERLIB ). Put this library above FMG in the user(s) library list:

                               Edit Library List   
 Type new/changed information, press Enter.        
 Sequence                   Sequence               
  Number   Library           Number   Library      
      0                        150                 
     10    userlib             160                 
     20    FMG                 170                 
     30    QGPL                180                 
     40    QTEMP               190                 
     50                        200                 
     60                        210                 

2. Create in this user's library USERLIB, a copy of the iDocs data files:


The user may know make changes to forms, checks, formsets, and engines that only impact users with the USERLIB libary above FMG.

An engine likewise can pull from the segregated data.

Remember that overlays (the .mac files) are still in a shared folder location.

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