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Quick iFax Answers

Configuring iFax to Receive

  1. Change the Modem Configuration: Go to menu FCMENU, selection option 1. Work with Fax Lines. Take option 2 to change the configuration.

Number rings before answering  . > 1             1-9, 0=no answer

Set the number of rings before answering to greater than 0. Press enter to save the change.

When you redisplay the fax lines you should see:

Opt Sts Activity  Page Phone Number         Speed Document   User        Pages 
    RDY Ready                                                                  
    1IO Received   001 Davis Yokana         14600 F082213271                   

The status as IO, meaning both fax in and fax out are enabled.

iFax API Commands

Starting and Stopping the Fax System

From the Fax Communication Menu (FCMENU), you can manually start and stop the fax system using option 1 (Work with Fax Lines).

You can automatically start or end the fax system using the commands STRFAXCOM or ENDFAXCOM, respectively. You may wish to place STRFAXCOM in your normal QSTRUP routine, so that it automatically starts after an IPL. It is also recommended that you use ENDFAXCOM before doing a backup of the FMG library, and restart it when the backup has finished.

Using the FAXCOM output queue

The simplest and most common method of faxing a document is to route or move a spooled file into the FAXCOM output queue. Our programs are monitoring this output queue and will automatically convert the printer output to a fax image and fax it. You can supply a phone number in a number of different methods. The destination phone number may be included in the printer data, or something that will lead us to the phone number (like a customer or vendor number). An Exit program can be used to retrieve the phone number from any master file. You can also code a phone number outside the printer data in the User Data or the User Defined Data parameters of the spooled file attributes.

Fax Spool File (KFAXSPLF)

This command and its counterparts (FAXASCII & FAXAFPDS) are used to pull spool files and attach an optional coversheet and merge an optional forms overlay with the fax. You can run these commands from our Work with Output Queue (plus fax) program, or you can call them from an application program as it generates a document to be faxed. They can be called directly from programs as they generate documents to be faxed, so that a user can manually prepare a custom coversheet.

Send Fax (KSNDFAX)

This command can be used to fax any existing image or text document that you have on your system. Information Manager, from the command line, run it as a PDM option (SF), start it from a menu, or call it from any of your application programs. It can send a fax immediately, schedule it for later, send the fax to multiple numbers, or send each page to a different number.

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