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iMail Application Servers

Like the iMail server, the iMail application server distributes spooled files. The shortcoming with the iMail server that is overcome by the iMail application server is that the iMail application server enables the user to not only designate the recipient of the email, but also the copied recipients, the blind-copied recipients, the subject, and the message body.

To this end an iMail application maintenance program is provided to enable the user to define all of these delivery options within a single iMail application. The Configure iMail Application Server menu appears below:

 IMAIL                     iMail Menu  6.98 09.21.21                           
   Configure iMail Application Server                                          
     31. Work with iMail Applications                    WRKMAILAPP            
     32. Work with iMail Application Server              WRKAPPSSVR            
     33. Start iMail Application Server                  STRAPPSSVR            
     34. End iMail Application Server                    ENDAPPSSVR            
 F1=Help   F3=Exit   F12=Cancel                                                

Work with iMail Applications

Selecting option 31, Work with iMail Applications, evokes the maintenance program for iMail Applications.

 9/21/21                            iMail                            IM1000C1  
12:05:31                  iMail Server Applications                  KKRAMER   
Type options, press Enter.                                                     
 1=Select   3=Copy   4=Delete   7=Rename                                       
                 Opt  Application Description                                  
                      IMAILAPP    iMail Sample Application                     
                      MYEMAILAPP  My First iMail Server App                    
                      TESTAPP     Test Application                             
F3=Exit   F6=Add                                                               
Press enter to continue.                                                       

From this point, entering the F6 key will create a new application. Doing so will display the following entry screen.

  9/21/21                            iMail                          IM1000D7    
 12:37:24                   iMail Server Application                KKRAMER     
 Type choices, press Enter.                                                     
        Name         Description                                                
        IMAILAPP     iMail Sample Application                                   
From . . . :                        F4=List         
To . . . . :                            F4=List F7=Group
CC . . . . :                                F4=List F7=Group
Bc . . . . :                                                    F4=List F7=Group
Subject. . :                                                                    
Attach Type: *XLS     F4=List                                                   
  F3=Exit   F8=Message   F10=Save   F12=Cancel   F13=Previous                   

Enter the application and description in the first entries, followed by the parameters for iMail. To and From can be prompted by F4 for a list of stored email addresses.

To make it quicker and simpler to use iMail as a report routing utility, there are also two special keywords for email targets:
*USRPRF This looks into the iMail address book for a user profile that matches the spool file owner, and then use the iMail address book email address as the target address. For the *USRPRF keyword, it uses the user ID of the spool file job for look up in iMail Group (item menu 4. Work with Groups), and if found then the group name will be used.
*SMTPNAME Takes the user profile of the spool file owner, retrieve the smtp address associated with that profile in the system directory (the smtp name ), and use that email address as the target address.

Once completed, enter F10 to save the entries and continue. To specify a message use F8=Message and complete a detailed message in the screen below:

 9/21/21                            iMail                          IM1000D8   
12:44:11                   iMail Server Application                KKRAMER    
                                 Message Text                                 
 This is a sample message generated from the iMail Application Server     
 F3=Exit   F10=Save   F12=Cancel  F13=Previous                                

Work with iMail Application Server

Once the iMail applications have been created, these applications need to be incorporated in an iMail Application server. Selecting the next option, 32 enables data entry of these applications into an iMail Server.

 6/24/07                          iMail 3.27                         IM2000C1  
08:17:47                      Server Maintenance                     QSECOFR   
Type options, press Enter.                                                     
 1=Select   3=Copy   4=Delete   7=Rename   8=Start   9=End                     
                 Opt  Server      Description                                  
                      IMAPPSVR    iMail Applications Server                    
                      MYEMAILSVR  My Email Server                              
                      TESTSVR     Test                                         
F3=Exit   F6=Add                                                               
Press enter to continue.                                                       

After an existing application is selected with an option 1, or a new one is created with an F6 key the iMail Application Server configuration screen will appear accordingly.

  6/24/07                          iMail 3.27                         IM2000C3  
 08:19:13                      Server Maintenance                     QSECOFR   
 Server. . . . . . . . . . : IMAPPSVR     Archive Out Queue. . . . : ARCOUTQ    
 Description: iMail Applications Server   Library. . . . . . . . . : QGPL       
              Originating           Spool      Spool        iMail               
        Library      Out Queue    Attribute    Value        Application         
        QGPL         SRCOUTQ      *FORMTYPE    *STD         IMAILAPP            
 F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F12=Previous                                             

The following keywords for Spool Attribute are supported:

  • *FORMTYPE tests the name of the form of the spool file.
  • *JOBNAME tests the name of the job that created the spool file.
  • *PRINTFILE tests the name of the printer file.
  • *USERDATA tests the user data of the spool file.
  • *USERNAME retrieves the user profile from the spooled file. Once extracted the value is compared to a matching user record in the public distribution list sending the spooled file to the user profile’s email address.

Note that the spellings differ from usage elsewhere in the iDocs Suite.

The format of the iMail Application Server is nearly identical to the iMail Server with one notable exception. This server enables you to identify the iMail Application used to process the qualified spooled file. All of the email specifications associated with the iMail Application will be used to route the deliver the spooled file.

Start Applications Server

Option 33 enables a specific iMail Applications Server to be start through a specific job queue. Choosing this option renders the entry screen below:

                    Start Applications Server (STRAPPSSVR)             
Type choices, press Enter.                                             
iMail Server . . . . . . . . . .                 Value, or F4 for list 
iMail Job Queue  . . . . . . . .   QBATCH        Character value       

Enter the iMail Applications server, or prompt for a selection of available iMail Server Applications and select from the valid list. Next to the prompt for the iMail Job Queue, enter the specific job queue used to route the iMail Applications Server.

NOTE: To utilize this function in a job scheduled entry use the following command to run:
CALL PGM(iMail-library/IMC3000) PARM('iMail-server-name' ‘Job queue name’)

End iMail Applications Server

Option 34, allows a previously started iMail Application server to be ended. Selecting this item renders the screen below, prompting for the name of the server to end.

                         End iMail Server (ENDAPPSSVR)                  
Type choices, press Enter.                                              
iMail Server . . . . . . . . . .                 Value, or F4 for list  

NOTE: To utilize this function in a job scheduled entry use the following command to run:
CALL PGM(iMail-library/IMR4000) PARM('Appl-server-name')

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