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iMap Technical Discussion & Known Issues


iDocs Driver Settings

The printing preferences of the iDocs Driver should be set thus:

The LaserJet 4 printer driver resolution and page size, page orientation settings should match the iDocs Driver settings. In general it is not necessary to change these.

Note that one can use different printer drivers to create the overlay via the iDocs Driver, however the pcl generated must be compatible with the iDocs processor.

Technical Discussion

Font Size Changes When Uploading From iMap to System i

When uploading mapped fields from iMap to the System i that are mapped with the monospaced fonts

“Courier”, “Line Printer”, “Letter Gothic”, “Univers”, “Antique”

the fonts sizes are converted. The conversion is:

cpi pitch = 120 / height in points
- or -
p = 120 / h

Thus a Univers font of 8 points on the pc will be uploaded as a System i font of 15 cpi.

To check that all is correct, do a test print. The font should appear on the paper the same size as it appears in the iMap left pane.

Known Issues

iMap Invoked on Wrong Overlay

Date: July 6th, 2007

Versions: 1.6.46 and earlier

Issue: An issue has been reported that when printing to the iDocs Driver iMap is successfully invoked, but with the wrong overlay.

Cause: This is due to the driver's choice of file names – if the file already exists then the driver does not overwrite but invokes iMap on the pre-existing file, resulting in the wrong overlay in the left pane.

Temporary workaround: clear the directories

c:\program files\imap\EMF Print Files


c:\program files\imap\Files

Resolution: 07/25/2007 a patched iDocs Driver can be downloaded separately for installation into iMap 1.6.46. This issue is believed fixed in that patch file. This iDocs Driver revision is included in all iMap releases 1.6.48 and later.

iMap 1.6.46 Unable to Open Projects Created Under Earlier Releases

Date: July 25th, 2007

Versions: 1.6.46 and later.

Issue: When opening a project file created under an earlier version of iMap, the project is not restored, the files do not open.

Cause: iMap version 1.6.46 reworked with internal format of the project file, the .fap file, and 1.6.46 is not compatible with project files from earlier versions.

Temporary workaround: Open the form, spool file and map file separately and then re-save the project file. The file will be written in the new format and will be usable henceforth. You do not have to remap the applicatin.

Resolution: No release of a separate fix is planned at this time.

iMap Installation Fails When Adding or Deleting the iDocs Driver

Date: August 8th, 2007

Versions: Most

Issue: iMap installation fails during iDocs Driver installation. Message is that AddPrinter() or DeletePrinter() failed.

Cause: iDocs Driver installation, as a first step, attempts to delete any existing driver by that name so that it may install the latest driver. Should that delete fail, installation can not continue. Possible causes are:

  • Installation is under a Windows profile with inadequate authority
  • There are unprinted documents in the iDocs Driver printer queue.

User should consider the above possible causes, correct, then attempt the installation again.

Text in Multi-line Mapped Fields Mis-Aligned

Date: August 16th, 2007

Versions: All

Issue: Text at the right or bottom of multiple line mapped fields is mis-aligned; i.e.the location of text when printing or converting to pdf does not match the location when viewed in the iMap mapping function screen. Text at the left and top of the mapped field is properly positioned.

Cause: The font / font size combination that Windows uses to display the mapped field on the screen does not precisely match what is used by other devices, such as printers, or software to display the same mapped field.

Resolution: None.

Workaround: Replace large multiple line mapped fields with smaller fields.

Spool File Download Fails For No Apparent Reason

Date: August 26th 2009

Versions: All

Issue: The spool file download fails for no apparent reason.

Cause: At least in some cases is due to an object conflict. iMap uses QGPL/TEMP as a workfile to store the *FCFC image of the spool file. If the user has a savefile by the same library/name iMap is unable to work with it.

Resolution: None.

Workaround: Delete any pre-existing file by that name.

Revision History

iMap Release History

1.6.34 2007.02.15

a. iDocs Driver now can be configured as to which printer driver generates the pcl.
Right click on the iDocs Driver and select Printing Preferences. Select the printer
driver to generate the pcl from the pull down list. Also adjust the dpi in the 
iDocs Driver to match the dpi in the generating driver. The two must match.

b. When saving the iMap project the full paths including drive letter of the project components
are written into the project file, the .fap file. Upon opening the .fap file iMap is now
able to load the components and restore the saved state of the project.

c. When saving the iMap project the emf file and spool file, previously saved into
an iMap utility directory, are now saved with the other project objects into
the specified directory so that all objects are in the same location. All objects
have the name of the project as their file name. File extensions are:

.fap	project file
.emf	emf file (overlay)
.spf	iSeries spool file
.map	mapping

d. The iMap installer now associates the .fap file extension with iMap.
Double clicking on the project file now starts iMap, which loads the project
saved in the project file.


1.6.35 Development BUild 2007.03.20

a. Captured frmFTP.ftp1.lastErrorString to MsgBox throughout module ftputils.
   Changes marked 70320


1.6.36 Development Build

a. Enabled import of greenscreen mapping from the i5 server.
   Twips calculated from incoming x/y position in dots.
   Changes marked 70322


1.6.37 Development BUild
a. added lngHeight to calculation of twip height when importing
mapped field lcation from i5. Market.
b. Reworked rounding when exporting / importing field mapping to / from i5 server.

label: '70322


1.6.38 Development Build

Added rounding to font calculation when writing to and reading from the .map file.
Eliminated a previously implemented adjustment to font size.
label: '70329


1.6.39 Development Build

label: 70404

CHECK# and CHECK$ take screen positions from top/left in inches.
All other fields take screen positions from top/left in pixels.
FMR2543 & FMR2548 now retain the top/left value in inches and pass it
back to iMap on green screen mapping export.


1.6.40 Development Build

label: 70418

Mapped field height upon import from greenscreen mapping can not be less
than string height at the selected font.


1.6.41 Development Build
1.6.42 Development Build (implements fix to 70420)

label:  70423

Implemented rounding of visible mapped field position for CHECK$ and CHECK#
upon import of mapping from System i.

label:  70420

Implemented selection of multiple mapped fields and the changing of 
property values of the selected fields.

1.6.41 Contains new iDocs Driver Installer, GUI interface with 
progress bar and installation messages.

1.6.42 Contains iDocs Driver Installer with uninstall function called
upon uninstallation of iMap. This function deletes the iDocs Driver.


1.6.43 Test Build   2007.05.01

ComboBox used to display application list in 'Download Map File' widened
to avoid truncation upon selection.



Fixed issue whereby multiply selected mapped fields, when changing other properties,
would blank out the field description. Label:  part of 70420



When downloading spool file, end page set to beginning page to only 1 page
is downloaded. End page input text box is greyed out. Marked '70508

This release not installable on Windows 2000.



Includes fix for issue that when multiple mapped fields are selected and changed
and one or more are MICR fields, the MICR property is lost in those fields.

This release was not installable on Windows 2000



June 18th 2007

iMap 1.6.46 bundled with reworked iDocs Driver installer that connects the driver
to the iDocs Port. 

June 26th 2007

iDocs 4.02 objects savefile IMAPOBJ.SAVF and installation instructions were
added to the iMap installer.



July 20th, 2007

Not publicly released.

Port now specifiable in ftp connection.
Changes marked 70719.



July 31st, 2007

Fix 70730:  

Font names imported from the System i that contain "-NP" have
these characters removed from the font name prior to the invocation of the
Windows font mapper.

Font names imported from the System i that can not be mapped at all by the
Windows Font Mapper will be mapped to Courier. If they do not have a 
pitch they will be mapped to 10. Typically these are soft fonts such
as barcodes.

Provide for abbreviated spellings of Letter Gothic and Line Printer fonts
in iDocs.


iMap Product version 1.6.49

iMap program version 1.6.48

August 3rd, 2007

HP LaserJet 4 Printer is now installed on client system if it is not present.
Font files are no longer uninstalled with the product but left on the system.


iMap Product version 1.6.50

iMap program version 1.6.48

Installer now prompts for customer information - is this program for use
only by the installing profile or by everyone.


iMap Product version 1.6.51

iMap program version 1.6.51

October 10th, 2007

Marked 71001: Mapped field alignment fully implemented. Center horizontally and vertically 
added as well.

Marked: 71010: Do not abend a remote change directory operation until namefmt 1 has been tried.


iMap Product version 1.6.52

iMap program version 1.6.51

October 11th, 2007

Installshield now sets the permissions for /Program Files/iMap, ../Emf Print Files, and ../Files
granting full control to Everyone in %UserDomain. The iMap executable is likewise enabled.


iMap Product version 1.6.53

iMap Program version 1.6.53

71016: Menu option to box all fields now selects all fields as well so that the fields can
subsequently be moved about with the arrow keys. 


iMap Product version 1.6.54

iMap Program version 1.6.54

71017:  Added file access error trapping.

First release with user configurable installation directory.
Registry keys now specify [INSTALLDIR] when referencing an iMap
object or path.
Registry keys now specify [SystemFolder] instead of a fixed value
for the Windows O/S directory.


iMap Product version 1.6.55

iMap Program version 1.6.55

71127 Fix for abend occuring when form opened in left panel, right panel empty, click on 
left panel.


iMap Product version 1.6.56

iMap Program version 1.6.56

February 4th, 2008

80110: Implemented keyable font sizes.

80204: A popup message now appears if iMap can not find a font file
when loading fonts upon startup.

71113A: Implemented FTP communications with the server using WinInet.
The Mabry control is no longer used.


iMap 1.6.57

Arial font is now bundled with the installation.

FTP cd issue.

81103: In the FtpUts module all of the "Not" statements associated with 
ftp statements (FTPDisconnect, FTPChangeDirect, etc.) 
were not functioning properly.  Changed all instances 
of "Not" to explicitly be "= False" instead.  

LaserJet 4 dll's are now loaded to .\system rather than a
system directory and installed from there.

hp4.inf is no longer installed as is no longer used.

FTP port now defaults to 21.

Hand Grabber removed.

81103:  FTP Connection should now prompt if it does not 
exist, i.e. if the prior connection attempt failed.



Changes marked 2008.05.29

Mapped field and mapped block positioning reworked.
Installer now uses rundll32 to install the iDocs Driver.
iMap now dumps a job log of the ftp session after each map or overlay upload.



Changes marked: 81014

Mapped fields which contain no text at map time will create
a mapped field. 

Menu option to toggle between outlining the mapped fields in
dotted lines or not provided.

Changes marked: 81027

If the magnifier button is pressed, clicks on the right pane
will not select spool text. This does not work for all pc's.

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