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10/8/2003	iPDF 2.0.4	All platforms		Initial public release
							Compiled to V4R4M0.

10/12/2003	iPDF	iSeries			PXSETUPC: /ipdf had *PUBLIC *RX access
							only. Changed to *RWX. 
				All platforms		Changed watermark to "".
				All platforms		Temporary memory deallocation provided for with
							class MemoryMgr.
				All platforms		Text processing in onePass mode optimized.

10/20/2003	iPDF 2.0.5	All platforms		Miscellaneous bug fixes pertaining to text placment.									Adaptive compression algorithm implemented.
				iSeries			External license key implemented.
				iSeries			Output file moved to correct location with
							MOV rather than QSHELL command.

10/27/2003	iPDF	iSeries			iDocs interface simplified and rewritten.
				All platforms		Trace statements in playback executing
							when not tracing. Fixed.
							appendDataStringsElement() added.

10/28/2003	iPDF	All platforms		Fixed rounding errors that impacted GL2
							lines and boxes.

11/18/2003	iPDF 2.0.7	All platforms		Fixed errors pertaining box fill in GL2.

11/20/2003	iPDF 2.0.8	All platforms		Fixed font size errors.

11/20/2003	iPDF 2.0.9	All platforms		Fixed ESC &l to provide for form feed.

		iPDF 2.1.0	All platforms		Implemented configuration file ipdf.cfg.
							ESC &l now configurable. Reworked font
							selection logic.

12/3/2003	iPDF 2.1.1	All platforms		Fixes for rectangle fill color, (ESC*C),
							and soft font processing of spaces.
							Fixed --fontSub option for Marigold font.

12/4/2003	iPDF	All platforms		Fixed memory allocation failure encountered
							when working with macros of zero length.

12/5/2003	iPDF 2.1.2	All platforms		Fixed character omission error in 
							processing soft fonts.

12/9/2003	iPDF 2.1.3	All platforms		Fixed pattern length issue in line drawing
							in GL2.
							Fixed missing border in filled area in 
							ESC *C processing when processing two passes.
							PXSETUPC now deletes existing /ipdf directory
							before restoring.
							Leading blanks in configuration file ipdf.cfg
							now discarded before intrepreting line.
							Unexpected EOF during 2nd pass of two pass processing
							now not cause program abend.

12/10/2003	iPDF	iSeries			Added instructions to ignore an error that
							occurs when IPDFSETUP is run on a new 
							installation. No code change from 2.1.3.

12/11/2003	iPDF	All platforms		Fixed font type selection when using 
							condensed fonts.
							Fixed error message in PCSETUPC generated
							by existing /ipdf directory created in 2.1.3.

12/31/2003	iPDF 2.1.4	All platforms		Fixed GL2 fill issue with bounding lines.
							Requires two passes.
				iSeries			Added --match option to ipdf.cfg to provide
							for two passes on a file the name of which
							matches the specified pattern.
				iSeries			Pxsetupc (setup program) now executes a 
							CD '/' before starting setup.
				Windows			First public release.

1/13/2004	iPDF	Windows			Added minimize button to main dialog.
							Moved to Accel Technologies.
							First public release of DLL and GUI.
							System root taken from environment variable %windir% -
							now works on Windows 98.
							Now traps unrecognized pcl sequences and issues
							warning messages at top level opcode parsing.
							Default output file put in dialog upon selection
							of input file using browse button.
2/3/2004	iPDF	All platforms		Default cursor position set to 0 for x and
							PageHeight - 12 for y. Default page type remains
							2 - letter.
							Paper src commands cause new page only for ESC&l0H
							or if the pageEjectOnPaperSrc option is set.
							This release was missing the executable IPDF440	
							for the iSeries.

2/4/2003	iPDF	All platforms		macroAssignMacro() no longer crashes when assigning
							a macro of zero length.

2/9/2004			Windows			Added license register function. 
							Added setCurrentDirectory() to DLL api.
							Error messages displayed in list box rather than edit box.
							Dialogs set in property page context.
							License key installed.

		iPDF	All platforms		Fixed issue unable to convert pcl numeric value of zero
							to double value.

				Windows			Added pageEjectOnPrtReset option.

2/11/2004	iPDF 2.1.5	All platforms		changed processing of top margin points in esAstc() to
							fix text placing issue.
							Default font COURIER selected if fontSpacing === 0.

		iPDF 2.1.6	Windows			specifyPageSize() option added to iPDF.dll.

2/20/2004	iPDF 2.1.6	All platforms		fixed issue involving top margin lines and top margin
							points. page parameters reset on all ESC &lh opcodes.

2/27/04		iPDF	All platforms		Trapped divide by zero error resulting from 0 pattern length.
				iSeries			iPDF command created to invoke pxconvert.
				Windows			Implemented forcePageSize option.
3/10/2004	iPDF 2.1.8	All platforms		Implemented gl opcode AA, arcs.

3/11/2004	iPDF 2.1.9	All platforms		Implemented rotate print direction, ESC &ap.

				iSeries			Added --pageEjectOnPrtSrc and --pageEjectOnPrtReset

3/26/2004	iPDF 2.1.10	iSeries	& Windows				
							ESC *vt - select current pattern - revised.
				iSeries			--twopass option.
							ESC &ar - vertical cursor position in rows - implemented.

4/19/2004	iPDF 2.2.0	iSeries			Reimplementation of many GL2 opcodes as part of implementation
							of certain GL2 fill matters.
							GL2 Edge Absolute implemented as separate object when
							using --onepass feature.

4/19/2004	iPDF	iSeries			Fixed failure to locate TAXLDRAW and OCR A font.
							Fixed program abend when processing unterminated
							macro definition at end of file.

4/22/2004	iPDF	iSeries			When ESC *c#p is invoked with a horizontal or vertical
							distance <= 0, opcode is skipped.

4/22/2004	iPDF	iSeries			ESC &a#H when processing in --onepass mode now generates
							an x value reset.

5/12/2004	iPDF	iSeries			Line Printer font now processed as Courier New.

5/13/2004	iPDF	iSeries			Added --enforceMargins option to forgo writing text
							that starts outside the top and left margins.
							Fixed ESC &ac: absolute position of x coordinate
							calculation previously excluded left logical margin.

5/17/2004	iPDF	iSeries			Converter properly handles trailing blanks after
							an improperly terminated escape sequence.

07/02/2004	iPDF	iSeries			Rotate text ESC &aP now opens a page if the page is not open.

07/07/2004	iPDF 2.2.2	iSeries			Fix issues pertaining to Ezprint. Enforce non-printable margin.
							Optional enforcement added in removed.

07/25/2004	iPDF	iSeries			Fix rounding error in ESC &f0S. 

07/28/2004	iPDF 2.2.3	iSeries			Scalable fonts mapped to fixed fonts.

07/28/2004	iPDF 2.2.4	iSeries			Fixes distorted letters.

07/28/2004	iPDF 2.2.5	iSeries			Refine pcl/pjl mode toggle.

08/01/2004	iPDF 2.2.6	iSeries			Fixed RunLengthDecomp() iSeries substring issue.
				All platforms		Symbol set 15U, character 0x6c is mapped to 
							taxldraw charcter 0x66. "checkbox".
08/03/2004	IPDF 2.2.7	iSeries			Wingdings substituted for taxldraw in alteration made
							for 2.2.6. 
							Product ID shows as 2.2.6 in PDF document.

09/04/2004	iPDF	iSeries			Implment --supEndBlkPag option to suppress the last page
							if it contains nothing but blanks and unprintable characters.
							Its use implies use on --onepass option.

09/11/2004	iPDF	iSeries			Create the command IPDFCHECK that displays the program version
							and checks the license key.

09/27/2004	iPDF	iSeries			ESC &l0H, when using the --onepass option, will cause a new page 
							if the number of stored text items > 0.

01/07/2005	iPDF 2.3.0	iSeries			LPAR keys.
							Fixed orientation issue with soft fonts.
							Fixed broken soft font image issue.
							PXSETUP will now only use QSH if the command STRQSH is present.

02/11/2005	iPDF 2.3.1	iSeries			Program IPDF440 now opens files with specified paths,
							then changes the current directory to /ipdf so that it
							can find the fonts. 

02/16/2005	iPDF 2.3.2	iSeries			Font names and font files stored in code page 37.
							SearchPath set for PDFLib to include default fonts directory.

03/02/2005	iPDF 2.3.3				Rerelease of Windows version under different architecture.
							Implementation of page size over ride for both versions.

03/../2005	iPDF	Windows 		Windows specific alterations.

03/12/2005	iPDF	both			font directory is now a variable that can be set from the command line.

03/16/2005	iPDF	Windows 		Fixed command line processing issue so that iPDFExec.exe can be run from the command line, i.e. bypass the GUI.

03/18/2005	iPDF 2.4.0	both			fixed gl2 opcode LB to handle unprintable characters.

03/20/2005	iPDF 2.4.1	both			extension of 2.4.0.

04/28/20005	iPDF	both			Fix release.
							Code cleanup.
							Replaced fprintf() and printf() with custom functions to control fflush().
				iSeries			--fontdir parameter added to ipdf.cfg.
							Pxconvert now launches the converter using system() rather than
							calling a function with OS linkage.	

06/03/2005	iPDF	both			Integer array size increased to intended size.	

06/22/2005	iPDF 2.4.3	both			Modified processing of gl2 opcode RA to handle opaque backgrounds.
				iSeries			Qp0zLprintf() used to write output to the job log instead of
							stdout and stderr.
							Fixed bug in GL2 opcode Fill Rectangle Absolute (RA) that under
							specific circumstances caused the rectangle position to be too
							Fixed bug in GL2 opcode Label (LB) that caused the font to be
							to small when running in onepass mode.

10/25/05	iPDF 2.4.4	both			Fixed issue in GL opcode PU pertaining to move type.

10/25/05	iPDF 2.4.5	both			Fixed in gl opcode PD move type issue. Also removed
							in ESC *c processing test for if processing opaque pattern.
							GL2 line type defaults to true.

11/01/05	iPDF 2.4.6	both			Reversed changes made in 2.4.4. Made some font table changes.

04/01/06	iPDF 2.4.7	iSeries			Added support for run length encoded raster as generated by the
							iDocs tiff2pcl api.

05/02/06	iPDF 2.4.7a	iSeries			Added SCS2PDF and CPYSCSPDF commands, both of which convert
							SCS spool files with pcl opcodes to pdf.

08/10/06	iPDF 2.4.8	iSeries			Expanded spool file number in module PXR9800 from
							5 char to 6. Renamed PXCONVERT program to CPYPCLPDF.
							Documents converted with this release identify as
							iPDF 2.4.7.
							(Probably) first release at V5R1.

08/23/06	iPDF 2.4.9	iSeries			Fixed bug in rle encoded image processing that was corrupting
							the output.
							New page not opened if page not first closed.
							Program IPDF440 renamed IPDF.
							Program PXCONVERT renamed CPYPCLPDF.

08/29/06	iPDF 2.4.10	iSeries			Trapped iDocs call error with spool file nummber = 
							character 000J. Error messages from CPYPCLPDF
							how go to the job log and not standard error.
							MRGRUN command added to permit copying iPDF run objects
							into another library.

10/08/06	iPDF 2.4.11	iSeries			--topmarginlines permitting the top margin lines specified
							as a float (decimal) value added.

11/02/06	iPDF 2.4.12	iSeries			Fixed issue with opaque pattern being incorrectly handled during
							onepass. Fixed rounding when calculating pcl cursor y position
							during *b#Y opcode. Changed handling of top margin lines in
							execute macro processing.

12/01/06        iPDF 2.4.14    iSeries                 IPDFCHECK command removed. Use: call IPDF parm('--check')
							Input printer file now opened before output PDF.
							Page width and height now default to global values in startPage();

01/09/07	iPDF 2.4.15	iSeries			Removed processing of pattern opaque opcode.

01/31/07	iPDF 2.4.16	iSeries			At end of macro any text remaining to be printed is as
							a part of macro processing.
							FontHeight calculation bug fixed. Impacts calculation of hmi.
							GL2 pen position calculated separately from pcl pen position
							and result is returned to pcl pen upon exit from gl2 mode.
							GL2 pen position pushed / popped to/from stack in polygon mode.
							SCS2PDF has additional parameter to control addition of formatting
							pcl commands to *SCS spool file contents.

02/20/07	iPDF 2.4.17	iSeries			Text rendered invisible by specification of the text color the same
							as the background color is now provided for.
03/12/07	iPDF 2.4.18	Windows			iPDFExec now flushes stderr after each error message.
							No iSeries release of 2.4.18.

07/02/07	iPDF 2.4.19	System i		Spool file number validation fixed on CPYPCLPDF command.
							IPDF command is now a duplicate of CPYPCLPDF.
							Obsolete commands PXCONVERT and CPYSCSPDF removed from library.
                                                        True Type font file now specified from a file map text file.
							Two new optional parameters to converter:
							First release using *IFS64IO.
							Converter now handles incorrectly terminated ESC &f3x opcode 
							issued by some releases of iDocs.
09/04/07        iPDF 2.4.20     System i             SCS2PDF: fixed bad pointer in call to delete.			
				                     Added option --supBlkPag, which suppresses blank page
                                                       output except the last page.
                                                       Added the --offset option.

01/04/08         iPDF 2.4.21                          SCS2PDF:
                                                     Fixed the use of Qp0zLprintf()
                                                     Refer to the temporary pcl file with an absolute reference 
                                                     rather than relative.
                                                     Implemented symbolset / character code mapping.
                                                     Added more logging.
                                                     Added STRIPDF command and end-user 
                                                       spool file / command interface.

04/07/08          iPDF 3.0                          Trapping of failed call to GetValue() due to incorrectly
                                                     terminated PCL sequences implemented throughout mapeseq.cpp.
                                                     CPYPCLPDF high level process completely rewritten.
                                                     --match option now works with all configuration commands
                                                     in ipdf.cfg.

                                                     Inclusion of the STRIPDF end user interface.
                                                     Inclusion of the IPDFMON outqueue monitor.
                                                     First release at V5R2.
	                                             GETASCSPLF: splf *LAST issue fixed to accommodate internal use of -1.

January 2009       iPDF 3.01                         Fix release presently under alpha distribution on a need basis.
                                                     GETASCSPLF:  command parameter IFSNAMELENGTH set to 100 bytes length
                                                     in program to match command parameter length.
                                                     iPDF:  PrintText() function altered to process text strings of length 
                                                     greater than 8191 bytes. This length is the maximum that PDFLib will process.
                                                     First release with namespace std universal.

April 2010         iPDF 4.0                         (largely marked as 3.01 in code base)
                                                     Release has full capability with large files > 2GB.
                                                     Image compression method change in mid-image issue fixed when compression
                                                       method at image start is run length encoding.
                                                     CPYPCLFILE command to process ascii pcl file from IFS and optionally
                                                        process all the pcl files in a directory concatenating the 
                                                        result into one pdf document new with this release.
                                                     All macros explicitly cleared at printer reset.
                                                     SCS2PDF re-implemented. Prior version preserved as SCS2PDF2.

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