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 +<​html>&#​091;</​html>​[[ipdf#​release_history | Up To Main iPDF Page]]<​html>&#​093;</​html>​
 +10/​8/​2003 iPDF 2.0.4 All platforms Initial public release
 + Compiled to V4R4M0.
 +10/​12/​2003 iPDF iSeries PXSETUPC:​ /ipdf had *PUBLIC *RX access
 + only. Changed to *RWX. 
 + All platforms Changed watermark to "​"​.
 + All platforms Temporary memory deallocation provided for with
 + class MemoryMgr.
 + All platforms Text processing in onePass mode optimized.
 +10/​20/​2003 iPDF 2.0.5 All platforms Miscellaneous bug fixes pertaining to text placment. Adaptive compression algorithm implemented.
 + iSeries External license key implemented.
 + iSeries Output file moved to correct location with
 + MOV rather than QSHELL command.
 +10/​27/​2003 iPDF iSeries iDocs interface simplified and rewritten.
 + All platforms Trace statements in playback executing
 + when not tracing. Fixed.
 + appendDataStringsElement() added.
 +10/​28/​2003 iPDF All platforms Fixed rounding errors that impacted GL2
 + lines and boxes.
 +11/​18/​2003 iPDF 2.0.7 All platforms Fixed errors pertaining box fill in GL2.
 +11/​20/​2003 iPDF 2.0.8 All platforms Fixed font size errors.
 +11/​20/​2003 iPDF 2.0.9 All platforms Fixed ESC &l to provide for form feed.
 + iPDF 2.1.0 All platforms Implemented configuration file ipdf.cfg.
 + ESC &l now configurable. Reworked font
 + selection logic.
 +12/​3/​2003 iPDF 2.1.1 All platforms Fixes for rectangle fill color, (ESC*C),
 + and soft font processing of spaces.
 + Fixed --fontSub option for Marigold font.
 +12/​4/​2003 iPDF All platforms Fixed memory allocation failure encountered
 + when working with macros of zero length.
 +12/​5/​2003 iPDF 2.1.2 All platforms Fixed character omission error in 
 + processing soft fonts.
 +12/​9/​2003 iPDF 2.1.3 All platforms Fixed pattern length issue in line drawing
 + in GL2.
 + Fixed missing border in filled area in 
 + ESC *C processing when processing two passes.
 + PXSETUPC now deletes existing /ipdf directory
 + before restoring.
 + Leading blanks in configuration file ipdf.cfg
 + now discarded before intrepreting line.
 + Unexpected EOF during 2nd pass of two pass processing
 + now not cause program abend.
 +12/​10/​2003 iPDF iSeries Added instructions to ignore an error that
 + occurs when IPDFSETUP is run on a new 
 + installation. No code change from 2.1.3.
 +12/​11/​2003 iPDF All platforms Fixed font type selection when using 
 + condensed fonts.
 + Fixed error message in PCSETUPC generated
 + by existing /ipdf directory created in 2.1.3.
 +12/​31/​2003 iPDF 2.1.4 All platforms Fixed GL2 fill issue with bounding lines.
 + Requires two passes.
 + iSeries Added --match option to ipdf.cfg to provide
 + for two passes on a file the name of which
 + matches the specified pattern.
 + iSeries Pxsetupc (setup program) now executes a 
 + CD '/'​ before starting setup.
 + Windows First public release.
 +1/​13/​2004 iPDF Windows Added minimize button to main dialog.
 + Moved to Accel Technologies.
 + First public release of DLL and GUI.
 + System root taken from environment variable %windir% -
 + now works on Windows 98.
 + Now traps unrecognized pcl sequences and issues
 + warning messages at top level opcode parsing.
 + Default output file put in dialog upon selection
 + of input file using browse button.
 +2/​3/​2004 iPDF All platforms Default cursor position set to 0 for x and
 + PageHeight - 12 for y. Default page type remains
 + 2 - letter.
 + Paper src commands cause new page only for ESC&l0H
 + or if the pageEjectOnPaperSrc option is set.
 + This release was missing the executable IPDF440
 + for the iSeries.
 +2/​4/​2003 iPDF All platforms macroAssignMacro() no longer crashes when assigning
 + a macro of zero length.
 +2/​9/​2004 Windows Added license register function. ​
 + Added setCurrentDirectory() to DLL api.
 + Error messages displayed in list box rather than edit box.
 + Dialogs set in property page context.
 + License key installed.
 + iPDF All platforms Fixed issue unable to convert pcl numeric value of zero
 + to double value.
 + Windows Added pageEjectOnPrtReset option.
 +2/​11/​2004 iPDF 2.1.5 All platforms changed processing of top margin points in esAstc() to
 + fix text placing issue.
 + Default font COURIER selected if fontSpacing === 0.
 + iPDF 2.1.6 Windows specifyPageSize() option added to iPDF.dll.
 +2/​20/​2004 iPDF 2.1.6 All platforms fixed issue involving top margin lines and top margin
 + points. page parameters reset on all ESC &lh opcodes.
 +2/​27/​04 iPDF All platforms Trapped divide by zero error resulting from 0 pattern length.
 + iSeries iPDF command created to invoke pxconvert.
 + Windows Implemented forcePageSize option.
 +3/​10/​2004 iPDF 2.1.8 All platforms Implemented gl opcode AA, arcs.
 +3/​11/​2004 iPDF 2.1.9 All platforms Implemented rotate print direction, ESC &ap.
 + iSeries Added --pageEjectOnPrtSrc and --pageEjectOnPrtReset
 + options.
 +3/​26/​2004 iPDF 2.1.10 iSeries &​ Windows
 + ESC *vt - select current pattern - revised.
 + iSeries --twopass option.
 + ESC &ar - vertical cursor position in rows - implemented.
 +4/​19/​2004 iPDF 2.2.0 iSeries Reimplementation of many GL2 opcodes as part of implementation
 + of certain GL2 fill matters.
 + GL2 Edge Absolute implemented as separate object when
 + using --onepass feature.
 +4/​19/​2004 iPDF iSeries Fixed failure to locate TAXLDRAW and OCR A font.
 + Fixed program abend when processing unterminated
 + macro definition at end of file.
 +4/​22/​2004 iPDF iSeries When ESC *c#p is invoked with a horizontal or vertical
 + distance <= 0, opcode is skipped.
 +4/​22/​2004 iPDF iSeries ESC &a#H when processing in --onepass mode now generates
 + an x value reset.
 +5/​12/​2004 iPDF iSeries Line Printer font now processed as Courier New.
 +5/​13/​2004 iPDF iSeries Added --enforceMargins option to forgo writing text
 + that starts outside the top and left margins.
 + Fixed ESC &ac: absolute position of x coordinate
 + calculation previously excluded left logical margin.
 +5/​17/​2004 iPDF iSeries Converter properly handles trailing blanks after
 + an improperly terminated escape sequence.
 +07/​02/​2004 iPDF iSeries Rotate text ESC &aP now opens a page if the page is not open.
 +07/​07/​2004 iPDF 2.2.2 iSeries Fix issues pertaining to Ezprint. Enforce non-printable margin.
 + Optional enforcement added in removed.
 +07/​25/​2004 iPDF iSeries Fix rounding error in ESC &​f0S. ​
 +07/​28/​2004 iPDF 2.2.3 iSeries Scalable fonts mapped to fixed fonts.
 +07/​28/​2004 iPDF 2.2.4 iSeries Fixes distorted letters.
 +07/​28/​2004 iPDF 2.2.5 iSeries Refine pcl/pjl mode toggle.
 +08/​01/​2004 iPDF 2.2.6 iSeries Fixed RunLengthDecomp() iSeries substring issue.
 + All platforms Symbol set 15U, character 0x6c is mapped to 
 + taxldraw charcter 0x66. "​checkbox"​.
 +08/​03/​2004 IPDF 2.2.7 iSeries Wingdings substituted for taxldraw in alteration made
 + for 2.2.6. ​
 + Product ID shows as 2.2.6 in PDF document.
 +09/​04/​2004 iPDF iSeries Implment --supEndBlkPag option to suppress the last page
 + if it contains nothing but blanks and unprintable characters.
 + Its use implies use on --onepass option.
 +09/​11/​2004 iPDF iSeries Create the command IPDFCHECK that displays the program version
 + and checks the license key.
 +09/​27/​2004 iPDF iSeries ESC &l0H, when using the --onepass option, will cause a new page 
 + if the number of stored text items > 0.
 +01/​07/​2005 iPDF 2.3.0 iSeries LPAR keys.
 + Fixed orientation issue with soft fonts.
 + Fixed broken soft font image issue.
 + PXSETUP will now only use QSH if the command STRQSH is present.
 +02/​11/​2005 iPDF 2.3.1 iSeries Program IPDF440 now opens files with specified paths,
 + then changes the current directory to /ipdf so that it
 + can find the fonts. ​
 +02/​16/​2005 iPDF 2.3.2 iSeries Font names and font files stored in code page 37.
 + SearchPath set for PDFLib to include default fonts directory.
 +03/​02/​2005 iPDF 2.3.3 Rerelease of Windows version under different architecture.
 + Implementation of page size over ride for both versions.
 +03/​../​2005 iPDF Windows Windows specific alterations.
 +03/​12/​2005 iPDF both font directory is now a variable that can be set from the command line.
 +03/​16/​2005 iPDF Windows Fixed command line processing issue so that iPDFExec.exe can be run from the command line, i.e. bypass the GUI.
 +03/​18/​2005 iPDF 2.4.0 both fixed gl2 opcode LB to handle unprintable characters.
 +03/​20/​2005 iPDF 2.4.1 both extension of 2.4.0.
 +04/​28/​20005 iPDF both Fix release.
 + Code cleanup.
 + Replaced fprintf() and printf() with custom functions to control fflush().
 + iSeries --fontdir parameter added to ipdf.cfg.
 + Pxconvert now launches the converter using system() rather than
 + calling a function with OS linkage.
 +06/​03/​2005 iPDF both Integer array size increased to intended size.
 +06/​22/​2005 iPDF 2.4.3 both Modified processing of gl2 opcode RA to handle opaque backgrounds.
 + iSeries Qp0zLprintf() used to write output to the job log instead of
 + stdout and stderr.
 + Fixed bug in GL2 opcode Fill Rectangle Absolute (RA) that under
 + specific circumstances caused the rectangle position to be too
 + high.
 + Fixed bug in GL2 opcode Label (LB) that caused the font to be
 + to small when running in onepass mode.
 +10/​25/​05 iPDF 2.4.4 both Fixed issue in GL opcode PU pertaining to move type.
 +10/​25/​05 iPDF 2.4.5 both Fixed in gl opcode PD move type issue. Also removed
 + in ESC *c processing test for if processing opaque pattern.
 + GL2 line type defaults to true.
 +11/​01/​05 iPDF 2.4.6 both Reversed changes made in 2.4.4. Made some font table changes.
 +04/​01/​06 iPDF 2.4.7 iSeries Added support for run length encoded raster as generated by the
 + iDocs tiff2pcl api.
 +05/​02/​06 iPDF 2.4.7a iSeries Added SCS2PDF and CPYSCSPDF commands, both of which convert
 + SCS spool files with pcl opcodes to pdf.
 +08/​10/​06 iPDF 2.4.8 iSeries Expanded spool file number in module PXR9800 from
 + 5 char to 6. Renamed PXCONVERT program to CPYPCLPDF.
 + Documents converted with this release identify as
 + iPDF 2.4.7.
 + (Probably) first release at V5R1.
 +08/​23/​06 iPDF 2.4.9 iSeries Fixed bug in rle encoded image processing that was corrupting
 + the output.
 + New page not opened if page not first closed.
 + Program IPDF440 renamed IPDF.
 + Program PXCONVERT renamed CPYPCLPDF.
 +08/​29/​06 iPDF 2.4.10 iSeries Trapped iDocs call error with spool file nummber = 
 + character 000J. Error messages from CPYPCLPDF
 + how go to the job log and not standard error.
 + MRGRUN command added to permit copying iPDF run objects
 + into another library.
 +10/​08/​06 iPDF 2.4.11 iSeries --topmarginlines permitting the top margin lines specified
 + as a float (decimal) value added.
 +11/​02/​06 iPDF 2.4.12 iSeries Fixed issue with opaque pattern being incorrectly handled during
 + onepass. Fixed rounding when calculating pcl cursor y position
 + during *b#Y opcode. Changed handling of top margin lines in
 + execute macro processing.
 +12/​01/​06 ​       iPDF 2.4.14 ​   iSeries ​                ​IPDFCHECK command removed. Use: call IPDF parm('​--check'​)
 + Input printer file now opened before output PDF.
 + Page width and height now default to global values in startPage();​
 +01/​09/​07 iPDF 2.4.15 iSeries Removed processing of pattern opaque opcode.
 +01/​31/​07 iPDF 2.4.16 iSeries At end of macro any text remaining to be printed is as
 + a part of macro processing.
 + FontHeight calculation bug fixed. Impacts calculation of hmi.
 + GL2 pen position calculated separately from pcl pen position
 + and result is returned to pcl pen upon exit from gl2 mode.
 + GL2 pen position pushed / popped to/from stack in polygon mode.
 + SCS2PDF has additional parameter to control addition of formatting
 + pcl commands to *SCS spool file contents.
 +02/​20/​07 iPDF 2.4.17 iSeries Text rendered invisible by specification of the text color the same
 + as the background color is now provided for.
 +03/​12/​07 iPDF 2.4.18 Windows iPDFExec now flushes stderr after each error message.
 + No iSeries release of 2.4.18.
 +07/​02/​07 iPDF 2.4.19 System i Spool file number validation fixed on CPYPCLPDF command.
 + IPDF command is now a duplicate of CPYPCLPDF.
 + Obsolete commands PXCONVERT and CPYSCSPDF removed from library.
 +                                                        True Type font file now specified from a file map text file.
 + Two new optional parameters to converter:
 + --fontMapTable
 + --condFontMapTable
 + First release using *IFS64IO.
 + Converter now handles incorrectly terminated ESC &f3x opcode ​
 + issued by some releases of iDocs.
 +09/​04/​07 ​       iPDF 2.4.20 ​    ​System i             ​SCS2PDF:​ fixed bad pointer in call to delete.
 +                      Added option --supBlkPag,​ which suppresses blank page
 +                                                       ​output except the last page.
 +                                                       Added the --offset option.
 +01/​04/​08 ​        iPDF 2.4.21 ​                         SCS2PDF:
 +                                                     Fixed the use of Qp0zLprintf()
 +                                                     Refer to the temporary pcl file with an absolute reference ​
 +                                                     ​rather than relative.
 +                                                     ​Implemented symbolset / character code mapping.
 +                                                     ​GENERAL:​
 +                                                     Added more logging.
 +                                                     Added STRIPDF command and end-user ​
 +                                                       spool file / command interface.
 +04/​07/​08 ​         iPDF 3.0                          Trapping of failed call to GetValue() due to incorrectly
 +                                                     ​terminated PCL sequences implemented throughout mapeseq.cpp.
 +                                                     ​CPYPCLPDF high level process completely rewritten.
 +                                                     ​--match option now works with all configuration commands
 +                                                     in ipdf.cfg.
 +                                                     ​Inclusion of the STRIPDF end user interface.
 +                                                     ​Inclusion of the IPDFMON outqueue monitor.
 +                                                     First release at V5R2.
 +                                              ​GETASCSPLF:​ splf *LAST issue fixed to accommodate internal use of -1.
 +January 2009       iPDF 3.01                         Fix release presently under alpha distribution on a need basis.
 +                                                     ​GETASCSPLF: ​ command parameter IFSNAMELENGTH set to 100 bytes length
 +                                                     in program to match command parameter length.
 +                                                     ​iPDF: ​ PrintText() function altered to process text strings of length ​
 +                                                     ​greater than 8191 bytes. This length is the maximum that PDFLib will process.
 +                                                     First release with namespace std universal.
 +April 2010         iPDF 4.0                         ​(largely marked as 3.01 in code base)
 +                                                     ​Release has full capability with large files > 2GB.
 +                                                     Image compression method change in mid-image issue fixed when compression
 +                                                       ​method at image start is run length encoding.
 +                                                     ​CPYPCLFILE command to process ascii pcl file from IFS and optionally
 +                                                        process all the pcl files in a directory concatenating the 
 +                                                        result into one pdf document new with this release.
 +                                                     All macros explicitly cleared at printer reset.
 +                                                     ​SCS2PDF re-implemented. Prior version preserved as SCS2PDF2.
 +<​html>&#​091;</​html>​[[ipdf#​release_history | Up To Main iPDF Page]]<​html>&#​093;</​html>​
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