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This article documents iSign for the IBM i.

Install Tomcat on the IBM i

Follow these instructions IBM Tomcat Instructions, but install Tomcat 5 ( at least at this time ).

You will need to make these changes as well (adjusting paths for your particular java version and installation):

ADDENVVAR ENVVAR(JAVA_HOME) VALUE(' /qibm/ProdData/Java400/jdk15') LEVEL(*SYS)
-          Change security for  Tomcat folder:

and will then start Tomcat using SBMJOB:

SBMJOB CMD(STRQSH CMD('/www/apache-tomcat-5.5.36/bin/')) JOB(TOM CATSVR) JOBQ(QTXTSRCH)

Install iSign

Go to Tomcat Manager: http://host_name:8080/manager/html
Deploy the iSign jar file using the form on the page.

Edit these files:

Go to $TOMCAT_HOME$/webapps/iSign/WEB-INF/classes
Edit file
#iMail configuration             

Save the file.


Sometimes the user has certain PDF documents those contain special fonts, they also need to add these fonts into iSign.
Here is the list of regular fonts that should exist on Windows or Mac (see link):

This link displays below:

User can download TrueType fonts here:


The entrance page from manager.html is the queue configuration screen.

Configure a Queue

Name Display name of the queue
Schema Library for db2 tables
iView Path Type Yes/No Use prepended path
Prefix Prepended path for document names
Table Document information table
PDF Column Document name column
Description Column Document description column
Description Text Document description text for page
Execution Program Exit program name to populate queue
Program Library Name Exit program library
From EmailDefault email parameter
Send to EmailDefault email parameter
CcDefault email parameter
BccDefault email parameter
SubjectDefault email parameter
BodyDefault email parameter
Library/Outq Outqueue for printing
SQL Condition Sql condition to list document in queue

Configure Queue Update

Clicking brings you to queue maintenance. Click to edit the update parameters for the queue:

This dialog controls the table column that is updated upon signing, and the value that is inserted. The value is not quoted. For a blank value ( to clear the column ) leave the entire entry blank.

Users and Permissions

User Manager

At the top of the page click , then to administer user profiles.

You may add a user with the button. You may also edit or delete a user.

My Profile

You may click to edit your profile:

Queue Manager

Click on to manage queue permissions:


Log in

To log in as a user, point the browser at the /iSign/Login.jsp page.

Log in at the prompt:

Select Queue

Then select a queue to work with:

Peruse the queue contents

and click to open a document for signing.

Sign the Document

Sign the document using the mouse, stylus, or finger – whatever your device supports.
You can use these buttons at this screen:

to select the pencil color
to select page to sign - you can sign any or all pages
to magnify the document image
to shrink the document image
to activate the pencil for signing
to clear the signature from the document
to save the signature
to print the document
to email the document

The order of action of a document is:

  • Sign
  • Save
  • Optionally Change page and repeat first three steps until finished.
  • Optionally email
  • Optionally print
  • Done

Email the Document

The email prompt looks like this. Just complete the screen and press <send>.

Similarly, the complete the print dialog to print.

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