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iView 6 Drag and Drop

iView 6 permits users with rw ( read-write ) access to an archive to add to the archive by dragging and dropping files from their desktop into the results page. Files can also be deleted from the archive from the results page.

Adding to the Archive

If the user profile has write access to the archive, and if the browser is html 5 compliant,
the user may add documents to the archive by dragging and dropping the file onto the results page
directory. Upon drop a dialog appears. Complete the dialog and click 'Upload'. When the success message
appears refresh the page using the link at the top to see the archive.

Note that the upload and therefore mouse drop is into a directory, which can be the results root.
The drop is not onto a blank area of the page.

Note that the refresh will perform the requested search again, so if the document uploaded does
not match the search then it will not be visible in the search results.

Deleting from the Archive

A user with write access can delete a document from an archive.

To do so, move the mouse over the link on the results page. An 'X' appears. Click the 'X'. The file and meta data record will be purged from the archive.
Refresh the page to see the search results with the newly deleted file omitted.

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