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Overview of iView 8

iView performs content management functions to enable the capture, storage, indexing and retrieval of spool files, merged documents and scanned forms so they are accessible via a web browser by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The iView archive engine automatically captures spool files with user defined bursting conditions, search indexes, and sorting sequences allowing user-defined sorting of the forms and reports. It eliminates the time and cost of storing, retrieving and sharing documents generated in an iSeries, System i or IBM i environment.

Release Status

Release Date Status
8.00 03.20.2014 Pending release to beta testing
8.00 04.04.2014 Beta Release
8.01 05.19.2014 Beta Release Update

Features and Enhancements

Version Date Feature or Change
8.00 03.20.2014 Signature Capture
8.00 03.20.2014 Date data type
8.00 03.20.2014 Multiple Single Threaded Engines
8.01 05.19.2014 Separately Licensed Signature Capture

Known Issues

Version Date Issue Comments
8.00 03.26.2014 Archive Options and Security settings
do not delete when an archive is deleted
8.00 04.04.2014 Index descriptions lost if not saved before F11
when defining an archive

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