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iView Archive Applications

Application Setup

An Archive application is the definition of the archive. To create,

iView Archive Applications                                           
   1. Work with iView Applications                        WRKIVWAPP  

selection option 1 from the menu IVIEW. Use F6 to create a new application or select from the list of existing applications using option 1.

 7/06/07                          iView                              IV1000C3  
12:05:18                  iView Archive Application                  QSECOFR   
  Application: IVWINVOICE   Description: iView Sample Invoice                  
  Library. . : IVIEW        Directory. : /iview/                               
Archive Options: *ORIGINAL  F4=List    Target Format: *PDF       F4=List   
Proc    Options: *SPLFOWNER F4=List    iDocs Application: IVWINVOICE F4=List   

 Edit      Deci                                                                
 Mask      mal    Index       Field              Row     Column                    
 F4=List   Places Field       Description     Start End Start End  Sort Burst     
    C      00     INDEX03     Invoice Date      1    1   92    93   0     N       
    C      00     INDEX04     Invoice Year      1    1   95    96   0     N       
    C      00     INDEX01     Customer Nbr      1    1   16    22   0     N       
    C      00     INDEX02     Invoice Month     1    1   89    90   0     N       
    C      00     INDEX05     Invoice Number    3    3   34    43   0     Y       
        Row     Column   
F1=Help   F3=Exit   F12=Cancel   F13=Interface Definition   F14=FTP Definition                   

You must define these values for the archive header:

  • Application: You must enter an i5/OS compatible name for this application. Use only letters and numbers, no other characters. Do not use embedded blanks.
  • Description: Also enter a description for the application.
  • Archive Options (iView 4): Select one of these options for archiving the original spool file:


  • *RETAIN Retain the original spool file in the original outqueue
  • *ORIGINAL Archive the original spool file in the archive outqueue
  • *SYSTEM Archive the spool file post processing - i.e in whatever state iView leaves it
  • *NONE Do not archive

  • Proc Options (iView 4): Processing options. This controls archived spool file ownership in many cases, and the user profile under which the post ftp command executes if specified.


  • *SYSTEM Use iView system profile.
  • *SPLFOWNER Use the profile of the owner of the original spool file.

  • Target Format: Only *PDF is supported at this time.
  • iDocs Application: If blank, iView will archive the entire spool file page. If the name of an existing iDocs form or check application is entered iView will archive the output from this application instead of the original spool file. To prompt for a list of existing iDocs applications library FMG should be in the library list below the iView library. Please note that the iDocs application should not sort/burst; that should be done in iView.

At least 1 archive index field must be defined. This information will be scraped from the first page of all archive documents and stored in an index. Searches in the archive will operate on this data. Specify as follows:

  • Edit Mask: Specify a field type using the edit mask field. C for character field is the most commonly used value.
  • Decimal Places: If edit mask D for decimal format was specified, enter the number of decimal places. Otherwise, leave this field set to 0.
  • Field Description: Enter a character description of the field you are defining. This is for display purposes only.
  • Spool Row/Column Start/End: Specify the location in the spool file page of the index data.
Multi-row index field behaviorRelease
Only data in 1 row can be specified iView 3 and earlier
multi row indices permitted; row values trimmed and separated by 1 blank iView 4 and iView 5
multi row indices permitted; row values not trimmed or separated iView 5.50

Specifying multirow indices generates a large search index database. Note that there is no way to upgrade multi-line indices created prior to 5.5 to the 5.5 format as trimmed data is of uncertain format; the indices remain usable for searching.

  • Sort Order: Specify the sort order. Zero means no sort.
  • Burst: Burst the document when the index value changes. Y or N. Remember that the search indices are only populated from data from the first page of documents, so bursting will impact what data goes into the search indices.

Maximum Number of Archive Index Fields: There is a system maximum of 99 index fields. However, iView operates using dynmically generated SQL and it is very possible that iView will not process the archive when specifying a substantially smaller number of index fields. iView was designed to work with about 10 - 15 index fields in an archive.

The archive is now defined.

You many optionally specify:

Application Access

By default, no user has access to an iView archive application.

To grant access, go to the administrative menu

Administrative Options                                                  
  20. Work with Administrative Menu                       GO IVIEWADM   

and select option 6

Configuration Options                                              
   6. Work with iView User Authority                      WRKIVWAUT

Use F6 to add a user or option 1 to change the access of an existing user.

Type options, press Enter.                
 1=Select   3=Copy   4=Delete   7=Rename  
                 Opt  User                
                 1    DYOKANA             

  7/06/07                          iView                              IV10000C3 
 12:30:50                    iView User Maintenace                    QSECOFR   
     1=Select   3=Copy   4=Delete   7=Rename                                    
   User ID. . . . . . . .: DYOKANA      F4=List                                 
   IP. . . . . . . . . . :                                                      
   Last Hit. . . . . . . : 0001-01-01-                           
                                     Usage       Folder                         
                 Archive     Access  *BOTH       Display                        
                 Application *YES/  *VFOLDER     *FOLDER                        
                 F4=List      *NO   *SEARCH      *FILTER                        
                 IVWINVOICE   *YES  *BOTH       *FOLDER                         
                 JOBLOG       *YES  *BOTH       *FOLDER                         
 F3=Exit   F10=Save   F12=Cancel                                                

User data displayed:

  • User ID: The user in question. Enter a valid user to create a user access record.
  • IP: The IP address from which the user is presently logged in (web user interface).
  • Last Hit: Timestamp of the last time the user's browser invoked one of the cgi programs

in the web interface. Logging out clears this field.

To grant access complete the following:

  • Archive Application: Use F4 to prompt or type the name of the application.
  • Access: *YES to grant access. *NO is technically unnecessary since default access in iView is *NO.
  • Usage: *SEARCH grants access to the regular iView front end for this application, *VFOLDER grants access to this application in Virtual Folders, and *BOTH grants both accesses.
  • Folder Display: For Virtual Folders (versions 4 and earlier), specify one of these display methods: *FOLDER specifies that a rule specified for a directory implies the inverse of the rule for all parent directories, and *FILTER does not. Most people find *FOLDER the intuitive display method. This parameter should be set to *FOLDER in versions 5 and later. The parameter will be removed in future releases.

Application Maintenance

Periodically one may want to purge older documents from an archive. To do so, go to menu IVIEWADM and select option 10.

Maintenance Options                                                 
  10. Purge iView Indices                                 PRGIVWIDX 

                         Purge iView Index (PRGIVWIDX)                         
Type choices, press Enter.                                                     
Archive Application  . . . . . . > IVWINVOICE    Value, or F4 for list         
Purge Older Than MM/DD/YYYY  . .   12312006      Date                          
Purge Indices Older Than Days  .   0             Number                        

Specify the archive application to purge, and specify either a purge older than date or a purge age.

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