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iView Data Areas

  • DSIMAILLIB: Name of the library containing iMail. If non blank will enable the iMail interface in the web front end. This is used by iView 4 and prior releases. In iView 5 see the file i5_def.php.
  • DSIVIEWDIR: Path of iView IFS folder which contains metadata files.
  • DSIVIEWLIB: Contain name of iView back-end library
  • DSIVTOMCAT: Path to Apache Tomcat folder
  • DSOVPRT: Release 5.11 and later, enter a 'Y' to skip over printed lines when creating index values. This will result in only the first line of overprinted data being used in the index.
  • DSRMVOV: (Released in update for iView 5) Remove all over printing in the input spool file at the start of the process. The spool file with over printing is discarded and not archived - what is archived is the spool file copy without over printing.

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