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iView 3

Release 3.01 was distributed starting on 03.19.2007. It is a fix release.
Release 3.02 was released in June of 2007. Changes:

  • IVC3000, the iView server launcher, substantially rewritten to simplify and to permit invocation from QSTRUP.

Release 3.03 was never released as a separate version. It's objects were distributed separately as required.

  • iView now invokes iDocs merges using the standard api TFPRTAPI .
  • iView will now process an iDocs form set . This form set should either not sort/burst, or the sort/burst should precisly match that of the iView archive application so that after bursting only one output spool file is produced by iDocs. The user is still unable to prompt for iDocs form sets in archive setup (to discourage people from using them#, but the form set name can be keyed and the iView engine will invoke it.
  • iView installation now has an option to install only the backend of the product, i.e. all of the product except the web front end.
  • iView server will now work with SMB networked directories

iView 4

Release of iView 4 contains these enhancements:

  • FTP interface to a remote ftp server is provided for. In addition to archiving as usual, the iView engine will ftp the archived pdf document to the remote host, and optionally include a text file with the search indices values. Also optionally the engine will execute a user specified post ftp command.
  • Archiving options for the original spool file are expanded to *RETAIN, *ORIGINAL, *SYSTEM, and *NONE.
  • The user profile under which iView archives the spool file and executes the post ftp command is now configurable to be either the system profile IVIEW or the user profile that owns the input spool file iView is processing.
  • Archiving of the intermediate *USERASCII spool file is enabled if the data area DSRETASC is set to Y.

Release of iView 4.01 on July 11th, 2008 This is a maintenance release that updates the following issue:

  • Shared Cookie Space: iView now coexists peacefully on the System i web server with other applications that use cookies.
  • Different versions: standalone, and integrated versions. Integrated version coexists with iDocs in the same partition.

iView 5

iView 5 Released on November 13th, 2008.

  • Php: iView front end implemented in Php.
  • Unlimited Virtual Folders: Unlimited rules in Virtual Folders.
  • Document Annotation: Attach comments to documents.
  • Boolean And/or Logic in Virtual Folders: Configure Virtual Folders using boolean and/or so that multiple tests can be joined.
  • Configurable Results Page: Specify which if any search indices are displayed in the search results page, controlling appearance to the end user.
  • Appearance Control: Control the appearance through the full provision of CSS and the provision of the html page contex.

iView 5.1 was released December 31st, 2008.

  • Release 5.1 is an update to the Php Web Interface first released in iView 5.It's major feature is Related Documents.

iView 5.11 was a fix release that had limited distribution January - March 2009. This release includes:

  • Spool number captured as variable IVWSPLN is now 6 digits.
  • iView internally with sort/burst will process spool files to the maximum 6 digit value possible in i5/OS.
  • iView SCS Monitor will now process *SCS spool files with 6 digit spool numbers. iView Merge Monitor will not, however, process spool files with spool file numbers greater than 9,999 since at this time iDocs will not.

iView 5.20 was released in beta March 30th 2009 The primary feature of this release is the scanned image import from directory function, which permits the admin to easily import scanned images into iView. Additional features:

  • Sending email via iMail was simplified to just use a SBMJOB to put an ESNDMAIL command into a batch subsystem.

Released into beta September 3rd 2010 Features:

  • Integration with iScan version 2 scanner interface.
  • Import from iScan documents with full OCR of search index data.
  • Import from iScan documents with search index data populated from DB2 table.

iView 6

  • iView 6 permits users with read-write access to an archive to add to the archive by dragging and dropping files from their desktop into the results page. Files can also be deleted from the archive from the results page.

iView 7

iView 7.0 was a major rewrite of the iView backend to fix several issues inherent in the previous releases:

  • User interfaces issues
  • Merge programs
  • Use Data Queue to monitor spool files in iView archiving program
  • Bursting issue with dash character in User data was fixed. (IVR9008) 02/04/15

iView 8

  • Allow variables in output PDF file name with variables, such as *NAME, *DATE, *TIME, *INDEX01 to *INDEX20
  • Allow Null value in index files
  • Add capturing Signature on iView front end
  • Allow to indexing data in a certain page number or multiple pages
  • Allow to specify number of pages indexed
  • Add Date type format into search function in iView front end
  • Upload index file with PDF file to FTP server. In the index file, user can specify the field separate character, and Heading Fields on same line or separate line
  • Support iWorkflow with iView
  • Added the ability to log engine processing in iView; Add spool attributes into INDEX fields #8.11 02/12/15)

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