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Postive Pay Configuration

The options within this menu group help to initial set up the bisync communications modem, and control the ongoing Positive Pay communications and file creation behavior at the system level. These system level configurations typically need only be set upon initial setup, but can be modified to aide in system troubleshooting and diagnosis.

Available Communications Resources

Option 30 from the configuration menu displays the available communication resource associated with your system. Resource names such as CMN01, and CMN02 are typical of resource names. From this option, the display should help you to identify which resource is associated with the modem.

Create Communication Controller, Device and Line

Once the prior option 30 has been selected, option 31 may be used to apply the communications device name in the configuration command to initially create the communications device, line and controller.

The command renders the following display

                         Configure Positive Pay (CRTBSC)               
 Type choices, press Enter.                                            
 Comm Resource  . . . . . . . . .                 Character value      
 Comm Phone number  . . . . . . .                                      
 Comm Speed . . . . . . . . . . .                 Character value      

  • Comm Resource Enter in the communicaitons resource identified as being associate with the modem
  • Comm Phone Number Enter in a default phone number. Note that this number will not actually be the number used to dial from the modem. Instead the phone number from the Positive Pay definition will be used.
  • Comm Speed Likewise, the communication speed here is only for initial set up purposes as the actual communications speed will be derived from the Positive Pay application.

Vary Off Positive Pay Line

After both options 30 and 31 have been completed to create the device, line, and controller the comunication devices need to be tested. The next four options 32 Vary off Positive Pay Line , 33 Vary off Positive Pay Controller , 34 Vary on Positive Pay Line, and 35 Vary on Positive Pay Controller aide in validating that the communication devices has been correctly created. Should any error occur upon selecting the next four items, this would signify an issue in the device that requires further attention.

Vary Off Positive Pay Controller

Vary On Positive Pay Line

Vary On Positive Pay Controller

Display System Messages

Configure Positive Pay Attributes

Option 37 allows for four module wide values to be changed

  8/11/07                     inFORM Decisions, Inc.                PP7000      
 17:52:10                  iSeries Positive Pay Attributes          QSECOFR     
         Enable Positive Pay Transmission: Y                                    
         Enable Positive Pay Audit Report: C                                    
            Enable Automatic Void Entries: N                                    
          Sort Sequence of Detail Records: D                                    
            C - Check Number Sequence                                           
            D - Date and Check Sequence                                         
  F3=Exit   F12=Previous                                                        

  • Enable Positive Pay Transmission When set to Y allows the transmission to be sent.
  • Enable Positive Pay Audit Report When set to Y allows the audit report to be generated.
  • Enable Automatic Void Entries Enables the void check records to be automatically generated in those instances where a check was sent and then the same check number is generated again. It is highly recommended that this configuration option remain with value of N. (Updates data area named DSVOID)
  • Sort Sequence of Detail Records This value Controls the sort order of the transmission file. When the value is set to C the transmission file is sorted by check number, otherwise the transmission file is sorted in date order with the value contains D.

Modify Report Control Record

Option 38 enables the intermediate tallies and totals from a positive pay extration to be modified when this type of file manipulation deems necessary.

Using this option should only be done under advisement from inFORM Decisions.

  8/11/07                       inFORM Decisions                    PP7010     
 18:20:58                 Modify Report Control Record              QSECOFR    
   Checks Issued                                                               
   Total count of checks issued. . . . :                                       
   Total amount of checks issued . . . :              .00                      
   First issued record . . . . . . . . :                                       
   Checks Voided                                                               
   Total count of checks voided. . . . :                                       
   Total amount of checks voided . . . :              .00                      
   First voided record . . . . . . . . :                                       
   F3=Exit   F10=Save   F12=Cancel                                             

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