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iMail Questions and Answers

How do I properly setup my AS/400 to work with iMail (flashMAIL400)?

You will need to know the IP address and port of your SMTP server. If your SMTP server is on your local LAN (ie: your AS/400 IP address is 192.168.0.x and your SMTP server is 192.168.0.x also) then all you need to do is configure iMail to use the IP of the SMTP server.

If your SMTP server is not on your local LAN (ie: your AS/400 IP address is 192.168.0.x and your SMTP server is 209.223.110.x) then you will need to connect through a local gateway.

If you do not know your gateway IP address you can go to your Win95/98/2000/NT computer, go to a MS-DOS command line, type in IPCONFIG and that will show you your network settings. Write down the IP of the DEFAULT GATEWAY. In rare circumstances you might have more than ONE gateway. IPCONFIG only shows your defaulted one. To view additional ones you will have to go into network configuration in your Windows system. Once you have the gateway IP, you can enter this into your routing table on your AS/400.

To do this go to an AS/400 command line and enter CFGTCP. This will take you to the AS/400 Configure TCP/IP menu. Choose Work with TCP/IP routes (normally option 2).

You will need to enter the IP address of your gateway here (unless your AS/400 and SMTP server are on the same local LAN).

Add a new route with these settings.
NEXT HOP = (this is the IP address of your gateway)

Leave the rest alone. Now do a test mail.

iMail (flashMAIL) fails to send any mail (ESNDMAIL, ESNDSPLF both are not sending messages).

Log on to the mail server (e.g. Microsoft Exchange). Then go to START > SETTINGS, then double-click on Services. Find the service “Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Services” and hilight it. Then click on STOP. Once the service has stopped, restart the service by clicking on START. Go back to flashMAIL and retry the send operation.

Note: flashMAIL is now called iMail.

How do you configure iMail?



The cause of this error message is that this spool file, QPRINT, had not been created within the same job stream. Otherwise, you could have specified another spool file by passing the parameters, JOB and SPLNBR.

Issue with the ESNDSPLF API not working

The attachment type was not filled in.

How do I register/unlock iMail standalone?

Make sure the iMail library is added to your library list. From a command line ““call emcfgdr””. Find the group ID EMAIL. Do a change (option 2) to it and enter in the new data (which is your unlock code). If you don't have an EMAIL group ID then add one.

I am using iMail(Flashmail) and the native PCL to PDF conversion. What is the correct setup?

In the PCL2PDF setup on the AS/400 (go PCL2PDF), take an option 1 (Configure PCL2PDF). Make sure these fields are as follow:
Work Directory . . : flashmail
Work Library . . . : FMG
Leave the rest as default

How do I e-mail my spoolfiles automatically?

Make sure you have iMail (FLASHMAIL400) working.

1)Setup iMail outqueue monitor (Option 8)

2)Add e-mail monitor application (F6)

3)Define fields:

ESNDSPLF does not send a spooled file.

The spooled file may not exist, or is not corrrectly specified in the parameters.

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