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Entering the iDriver environment

After iDriver has been installed on the iSeries, the next step is to enter the registration codes. To do so, add FMG to your library list, and call the iDriver menu. Entering the commands below will accomplish both.


The following menu should appear next. Select option 20, Register iDriver Product.

 IDRIVER                 Toshiba iDriver 4.00 04.15.07                         
                                                             System:   S10AE7BC
   iDriver Form/Check Applications                                             
      1. Work with iDriver Applications                      WRKIDRAPP         
      2. Work with iDriver Spool Files                       WRKIDRSPLF        
      3. Work with iDriver Engines                           WRKIDRSVR         
     20. Register iDriver Product                            REGISTER          
   iDriver Custom Configuration                                                
     30. Work iDriver Accounting Code                        WRKIDRACDE        
     31. Work iDriver Configuration                          WRKIDRCFG         
   User Options                                                                
     90. Signoff                                                               
 F1=Help   F3=Exit   F12=Cancel                                                
 © Copyright 1994, 2007 inFORM Decisions,Inc. All Rights Reserved.             

Registering iDriver

After option 20 is selected, the following display will appear listing product codes for all of the available modules. The two product codes that need to be updated with unlock codes are IDRIVER, and IDOCS.

  5/28/07                       inFORM Decisions                      IMREGPC1  
 21:26:18                  Module Registration Screen                 QSECOFR   
             Serial Number:  10AE7BC               OS Level: V5R3M0             
  1=Select            LPAR: 1               Processor Group:                    
 Sel  Module      Registration Code                                             
      FLASHACH    G/dHdAdHGyQTjk57Kmqd                                          
      FLASHPAY    NxT1wjqfLY7I3C1SAJuJ                                          
      FLASHRECON  JVITAgMhyK46UDfXgAVq                                          
      IBAR        TCcC7g0ZcpXT33XX69G;T3V3XPg783gCgSgeC22g333c                  
      ICHECKS     C3g3gGg6px8Cc3g8g;c8VT3SXe9p9CXCXCXC7XPpTVC7                  
      IDOCS       C3g3g8gVp88CXSXeCpXgT1cZ7V6XcCgCXCgCTTXpg7VP                  
      IDRIVER     7Cpggc;TSXe37Vg;68X8T13Pg3gX93gcgcpCCCC8C21c                  
      IFAX        T383GXg37X8CcCXgg;cpC3CSgeXppCXCXVgV3C3XC3C7                  
      IMAIL       QzRHE17VFcVdOzvXJcdY9j99                                      
      IMAIL30     3C;V8XgCXgcS3egp6gG8CCcP77pXc3XX8Vg3CT28gC3c                  
      IPDF        27807150a0804104c16394804203c0c130                            
      IVIEW       TCg2g8gV7XgCCcX7CegpTVc2SC8g0P8Cg39PC6CGCTCg                  
 F3=Exit   F6=Add   F12=Cancel                                                  
 Press enter to continue.                                                       

Enter a 1 in the option column associated with IDRIVER. When the data entry screen appears, tab down to the data field, clear the field, and enter the registration codes provided.

In the event that either an invalid registration code has been entered, or a temporary registration code had expired, the following screen will appear after attempting to select options 1, 2, 3, or 4. Updating the registration code with a new temporary unlock code or a permanent unlock code will prevent this screen from appearing in the future.

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