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Software Backup and Replication procedures

Note: These are instructions for common back-up and replication installations of the software. We suggest that you test and if you have questions that you reach out to our support team.

For technical and troubleshooting information, please see the respective “Product Manuals” section.

This chapter contains the following sections:

  • Backup the iDocs/iMail production library. The library can be named whatever the administrator names it at setup. It’s typically named IDOCSxxx, FMG or similar. If your iDocs library name is IDOCS689 then IDOCS689 is the library name to use. This command saves the library named IDOCS689 on the tape that is in the tape device named TAP01.

The Restore Library (RSTLIB) command restores the saved library to the system.

NOTE: If using the backup to replicate the software on a Disaster Recovery partition, don’t replicate the main configuration file EMCFGDB. This is the only LPAR specific file in the iDocs/iMail library. Obtain the applicable license keys from IFD. You can utilize the REGISTER command to display the correct serial number and LPAR.

Beginning with Version 6, the Smart Router module is integrated into the iDocs Product Suite and will be included into the iDocs library. If utilizing a earlier release of the standalone Smart Router then save the Smart Router library PRRLOAD. (Detailed information on integrating the Smart Router)

  • Backup the FORMFMG shared folder. If you are using iDocs form or iCheck check applications that use overlays or signatures they are stored in the QDLS shared folder FORMFMG.

The Restore Document Library Object (RSTDLO) command restores documents, folders, and distribution objects.

  • Backup the JAR file for iMail. If you use Java to email option, then you will need to backup the. IFDJAVA.JAR file in /QIBM/UserData/Java400/ext. To find out if your configuration for iMail is setup to use Java to email out: From the iDocs main menu, navigate to the iMail by selection option 11, then select 1 for iMail Configuration. Once in the configuration menu page down and see if the Use Java field is set to YES or No (blank is the same as No).

SAV DEV('/qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/XXX.file') OBJ(('/qibm/userdata/java400/ext/ifdjava.jar'))  
The Restore Object (RST) command is used to restore objects that you have saved with the Save Object (SAV) command.

  • Backup the directory entries. If you are using iMail and/or iPDF.

SAV DEV('/qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/xxx.file') OBJ(('/idocs') ('/ipdf'))   
The Restore Object (RST) command restores objects that you have saved with the Save Object (SAV) command.

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