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Revision History

iMail Release Notes

Date        Release   Notes
10/25/2004  3.20      Fixed an issue with WRKSPLINF that caused a problem
                      when the enter was issued instead of a function key.

11/08/2004  3.21      Fixed the from email address so that if a from email
                      address was explicitly passed to ESNDSPLF that email
                      address would then be used the the sender.

11/22/2004  3.22      Fixed an issue with SNDDBF, SNDMSG, AND WRKSPLINF that
                      prevented multiple email addresses to be added to the 
                      to, cc, and bc address prompts on a single line. 
                      Enabled the program to recognize the delimitors of
                      a space, semicolon and a comma.

12/02/2004  3.23      Fixed issues related to the performance and error handling and 
                      message logging of the iMail Server.

12/02/2004  3.23      Enhanced the Email selection prompt enabling a selection to be
                      filtered by a combination of first name, last name, and email address.
                      Affected SNDDBF, WRKSPLINF, SNDMSG, WRKMAILSVR, and WRKMAILAPP.

12/04/2004  3.24      Fixed and issue with WRKSPLINF wherein it did not abide to the 
                      security restriction based on user profile.

                      Changed the reply to behavior of email so that if a valid 
                      from address was either supplied or derived from the user profile, that email
                      address would then be used as the reply to address.

12/14/2004  3.25      Introduced a new API called ESNDSPLFS that will enable you do send multiple 
                      spooled files to a recipient within a single email.

                      Changed the command WRKSPLINF to use ESNDSPLFS to selectively choose multiple
                      spooled files that need to be sent to recipient(s) within a single email.

                      Changed the procedure to convert spooled files to PDF to conform to the
                      default page size of letter, rather then calculating the page size based 
                      on the spooled file length, width, cpi, and lpi.
                      Added a left hand margin of three spaces to the resulting PDF document in order
                      to enhance readability.

                      Force the PDF conversion to portrait when 80 eighty characters wide or fewer,
                      and force the PDF conversion to landscape when more than 80 characters.

01/04/2005  3.26      Enhanced the processing of the recipient email address. Originally, the email
                      recipient addresss was tested syntacically. If the syntax was not correct,
                      then the public distribution group was checked. If a matching email address
                      was not found then the private distribution group was checked. If this
                      did not yeild an valid email address, then the user profile link is checked.
                      The same checks are performed above, with a the last one added. If all 
                      of the above attempts to capture a valid email address fail, then a valid
                      email address is derived by concatenating the receipient name with the 
                      local domain name.

01/04/2005  3.26      Fixed a problem with converting database files to a .DIF format that resulted
                      in the headers being corrupted.

01/05/2005  3.26      Reintroduced the API ESNDMAIL that will enable multiple attachments to be sent.

01/06/2005  3.26      Changed the maximum number of spooled files that ESNDSPLFS can send from 10
                      spooled files, to 99 spooled files. Additionally enable the screen WRKSPLINF
                      to correctly build an API call to ESNDSPLFS with 99 spooled file attachements.

01/20/2005  3.26      Changed the command ESNDSPLF to have a default value of *PDF for the attachment 

                      When a single recipeient is specificied, and that recipient is blank, there was no 
                      indication that the number if recipients is blank or invalid. Genereate a 
                      useful error message to the job log and exit gracefully.
01/21/2005  3.26      Changed ESNDSPLF technique for converting spooled files to text by ensuring
                      that the length of the text page reflected the length of the spooled file page.
                      Additionally delimited each text pages with a form feed (HEX 0C).
01/27/2005  3.26      Changed WRKSPLINF to ensure that the message associated with the attached spooled
                      files will be correctly sent.
02/01/2005  3.26      Changed ESNDDBF to test for the existance of the database prior to sending,
                      to test for the absense of a recipent address, to test for a blank 
                      recipient, and to test for and correctly handle a blank library and a 
                      key word *LIBL if passed. Also, generating meaningful messages to the job log
                      based on the errors trapped above.
02/01/2005  3.26      Change ESNDMSG to test for the absense of a recipient address, to test for 
                      a blank recipient. Generate meaningful message to the job log based on the 
                      errors trapped above.

02/15/2005  3.26      Change the number of records displayed in the group maintenance from 
                      7 to 13.

                      Inhibit a blank group name from being added within group maintenance.

                      Enable the F12 Key from within Work with Groups.

                      From within WRKSPLINF enable the use of the F17, and the F21 keys
                      when navigating spooled files.

                      From within WRKSPLINF when selecting a spooled file to send enable 
                      the F12 key to only go back one single screen. 

                      Changed the footer menu from 'F4=List F7=Distribution List' to read
                      'F4=User List F7=Group List' in order to enhance clarity from within

                      Inhibit a blank user, or a blank email address from being added to
                      the entry for a user list in the program WRKMAILDST.

02/24/2005  3.26       For the program, WRKMAILADM provide for error checking for the username, 
                      out queue, and conversion type ensuring that correct values are entered.
	                    WRKMAILADM Communicate data entry errors via the message file.

                      WRKMAILADM When prompting for the user name, out queue, and conversion type ensure
                      that the cursor returns to the original location.

                      WRKMAILADM Ensure that when the F4 key is entered within WRKMAILADM on a non promptable
                      field, that the program is not exited.

03/8/2005   3.26      Enable the APIs to properly deal with blank parameters for email recipients to prevent
                      a recipient email address from being generated with only the @ sign and domain name.

03/8/2005   3.26      Replace the calls to Qshell with  non Qshell commands in the event that the system
                      does not have Qshell installed.

03/8/2005   3.26      Removed the redundate from address in the server communications.

03/14/2005  3.26      Improved the error reporting and performance of the driver.

04/12/2005  3.26      Changed the API ESNDDBF to check for an empty file, and if it is empty generate
                      a message to the job log. Changed the API ESNDDBF to correctly deal with lengthy
                      column headers.

04/13/2005  3.26      Changed the API ESNDDBF to check for the correct member name, and test for the 
                      existance. In all of these cases I have tested with an existing file and member and without. 
                      Also in the same cases with an empty file. Error checking, handling and messaging have been 
                      added to correctly acccount for program exceptions.

04/13/2005  3.26      Modified numerous programs to correctly delimit and parse email addresses that were
                      formmatted like,

04/14/2005  3.26  **  (Proposed) Enhance the IMAILAPPSSVR to allow for prompting for the spooled file attribute, out queue,
                      and iMail application.

04/14/2005  3.26  **  (Proposed) Fix the IMAILAPPSSVR to enable the server to be ended from the maintenance 

04/18/2005  3.26      Changed the program ESNDSPLF to enable the spools with a width greater then 132
                      characters wide to be converted to Rich Text files. In doing so, a courier font size of 7, instead of                         the default font size of 8 is used.

04/22/2005  3.26      Enabled the from address from within WRKSPLINF to have an embedded hyphen.

05/06/2005  3.26      Enable decimal data to be correctly interpeted  when sending a database as a text file.

05/06/2005  3.26      Enable any member within a file to be converted either to text or dif file.

05/18/2005  3.26      Fix an error relating to sending a database as a .DIF format when the file name
                      has a period in the name. Also, gracefully monitor and recover from SQL errors by
                      reporting and exiting when SQL errors are discovered, or warn and continue when 
05/24/2005  3.26      Update the function that emails a spooled file in a Rich Text format to accomodate
                      a spool file length of 77 and a width of 198 characters by changing the pitch of
                      the font to 6 point. Additionally test for and accomodate spooled files with over
                      printing when converted to RTF.
05/25/2005  3.26      Test for and accomodate spooled files with over printing when converted to TXT and HTML.

06/02/2005  3.26      When sending spooled files change the current directory to the root. Additionally
                      retrieve the current directory, and restore the current directory after processing.
06/03/2005   3.26     If the group name does not exist, and the group name DEFAULT 
                      exist, then return the email addresses defined in the group  
                      named default.                                                                     

06/08/2005   3.26     Enhanced option 1, Configure iMail, to include settings for Authentication User Profile,
                      Authentication Password, and Auto wrap message length. The first two settings should
                      only be set when using an email server that requires authentication. The last setting,
                      is used to control the line length of a message. Should you wish to control the 
                      line length settings yourself by embedding inline carriage return line feeds within the
                      message body.
06/20/2005  3.26      Improved the communications between the client and server.

06/20/2005  3.26      Remedied an issue with the prompting of and filtering of names and email addresses.

08/03/2005  3.26      Added the ability to email spooled files as Microsoft XLS files interactively, 
                      using WRKSPLINF, using ESNDSPLF, using iMail Server, using the iMail Application
08/5/2005   3.26      Provide a service subfile that will be populated with users 
                      names selected to be deleted.   
08/19/2005  3.26      Enhanced the option, Work with Users, to enable a specific user 
                      to be removed from all distibution groups with option 6.
                      Enhanced the option, Work with Users, to enable selective entries for a specific
                      user to be removed with an option 7.
08/23/2005  3.26  **  (Proposed) Enhance Work with Distribution Groups to enable both the email address and 
                      display name to be retrieved from the list of available users to select from
                      on a list.
08/23/2005  3.26      Enhance the internals of iMail to enable a truly unique temporary file naming 
08/26/2005  3.26      When configuring iMail's  SMTP host from option 1, you need to enter in the actual
                      IP address and not the DNS name.  
09/1/2005   3.26      Changed the program Work with Users to enable seven more users to be displayed at one
                      time from the initial screen.

09/7/2005   3.26      In order for an incomplete recipient address to be derived to a complete and correct 
                      address a configuration needs to be setup. The group name, DEFAULT can be created
                      and within the DEFAULT group name, the domain name that should be appended to the 
                      complete name. For example, if the receipent name is 'you', and the email address
                      associated with the group name DEFAULT is '', then the resulting
                      email address with be ''.
09/8/2005   3.26      Enabled the default send type from the 'Work with Administration' program to be 
                      recognized by the 'Work with Spooled Files' program.
09/8/2005   3.26   ** (Proposed) Previously the default reply address to did not reflect the sender. Now
                      it should be set up to optionally for the default reply to address to be *SENDER.
                      In this if some replies to the email it would actually to go the sender.

09/13/2005  3.26   ** (Proposed) When taking an option 1 to configure iMail ensure that the SMTP server
                      can actually, and successfully be reached. Also, test for a valid IP address 
10/13/2005 3.26       Changed the internals of ESNDDBF for sending a text file to ensure the 
                      integrity of the data; When sending a database as either text, dif, or xls the API ESNDDBF is limited to 
                      a file structure with up to 63 fields. 
11/06/2005 3.26       Changed the iMail Configuration to include numerous options to improve 
                      the processing of email. Provided an option to suspend socket communications
                      and the end of an email. Provided an option to determine whether or not to
                      derive a recipient email address from an incomplete email address using the 
                      default domain. Provided an option to determine whether or not to remove overprinting.

11/27/2005 3.26       Added the source file QCLSRC which included usage examples for iMail. 

02/26/2006 3.26       Added the ability to do network address translation so that within CFGMAIL the
                      SMTP domain server can be added instead of the IP address.

                      Enhanced the API ECVTSPLF to be able to accept the resulting IFS files name
                      instead of relying on the system generated name.

03/27/2006  3.26      Enhanced the API ECVTSPLF to check for an invalid file if it contains
                      the directory name QDLS.

03/27/2006  3.26      Fixed a bug with the logging if emails contention is generated with conflicting
                      log id numbers.

04/4/2006   3.26      Enabled ESNDDBF to email databases as text with fields with a maximum of 63 fields
                      and each fields being a maximum of 32767 bytes long.

04/10/2006  3.26      Enabled the WRKMAILSVR command to correctly capture an email address to the maxium
                      width of 48 characters into the server configuration, even though only the first 28
                      characters actually appear.

04/10/2006  3.26      Enabled ECVTSPLF to generate a receivable message should one be generated namely EMM9999.

05/15/2006  3.26      Enable WRKSPLINF, SNDDBF, and SNDMSG to accomodate apostrophies within the subject.
                      Enable iMail to successfully log the subject with an apostrophy.

05/22/2006  3.26      Enable SNDDBF, WRKSPLINF, ESNDDBF, and ESNDSPLF to send resulting attachments as
                      zipped file.
05/24/2006  3.26      When using any of the APIs with text that requires apostrphys, enter that text with not one
                      but two apostrophies in order for the parser to treat the apostrophy as text. 

07/27/2007  3.27      Enable ESNDSPLF to use request delivery and read receipts. Updated the WRKSPLINF 
                      interface to include these options.

11/08/2007 3.27       Enabled the settings for PDF orientation, and XLS column header to be configured from the 
                      iMail Configuration screen. Also, fixed an issue with the 'Work with Users Screen'.

05/13/2008 5.00       Fixed an issue with sending multiple spooled files from the WRKSPLINF interface.

05/13/2008 5.00       Enhanced ESNDDBF, and SNDDBF to enable sending databases files with numerous formats.
                      Originally, only *SAVF, *TXT, and *DIF for save file, text and data interchange format
                      respectively were supported. This has been extended and enhanced to include *CSV, Comma 
                      separated value and *XLS for Excel format.
05/13/2008 5.00       The enhancements made for the inclusion of *XLS for Excel within the ESNDDBF command
                      requires a command to be run to install the java dependencies. The command, IMAILIFS needs   
                      to be run to complete this task.

07/11/2008 5.00       Enable email authentication for communications with ISP hosted mail servers. 

10/18/2008 5.00       Fixed an issue when attempting to add the first user to a group. Additionally, fixed
                      another issue where the display name associated with the email address did not populate
                      display name field.

05/27/2009 5.00       Fixed an issue with the iMail Application Server Maintenance program where the production library
                      was being derived from a data area instead of the configuration file. Also ensured that the 
                      out queues were associated with a data queue name that was the same name as the iMail Application
                      server itself.
                      Fixed an issue with the iMail Application Server where the production library was being derived from
                      a data area instead of teh configuration file.

05/28/2009 5.00       Fixed an issue with the display of an empty subfile for the iMail Server Maintenance Program.

05/28/2009 5.00       For the iMail Monitor derive the from address by referencing the email address defined in the configuration
                      and not by deriving the email address of the user profile who started the monitor.

                      so that the message text can contain a macro substiution variable that will be use to insert an email  
                      message. This message will be derived from a text file located on the iMail directory.

09/22/2009 5.00       Fixed an issue associated with CPYDBXLS for OS version V6R1M0 in which
                      the API defaults changed for QUSCRTUS.

10/17/2009 5.00       Fixed an issue with CPYDBXLS dealing with SQL Code errors. Monitored for messages.

10/28/2009 5.00       Propagate the two prior fixes to CPYDBTXT module.

03/08/2010 5.00       Enable multiple email addresses to be properly parsed correctly from 
                      option 10, and option 12.

06/23/2010 5.00       Email with embedded text is an enhancement to iDocs that allows a merge of a text overlay with a spool file.
                      The output of this merge processing will be sent in the body as a text email. i.e. no attachnment or
                      external link. 
09/10/2011 6.00       iMail has been enhanced to support to merge a text overlay with spool file, the output of merge processing will be sent 
                      as a text email.

07/27/2012 6.52       Added a resend option to the iMail history log. 

02/13/2013 6.56       Correct retention of iMail configuration values; Add F11 Toggle email subject line to iMail Server.

03/13/2013 6.57       Correct iMail domain name error.
04/02/2014 6.62       Deleting a user from the iMail address book now requires F23 to confirm.

04/08/2014 6.63       Enhanced iMail  to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to authenticate servers. 

07/28/2014 6.70       Enhanced iMail to include ‘Java’ mail options that simplify set up and support sending HTML body mail message with Java
                      mail;Fixed Group Distribution and embedded dash in address issues; Enhanced Positive Pay module to include PGP encryption,
                      signatures and custom file naming capabilities; Tested compatibility with V7R2 OS. 

10/24/2014 6.71       Enhanced iMail to include carriage breaks or line-feeds in the message text and increased the distribution group email
                      address length from 45 to 63; Fixed engine to retrieve spool file attribute values when run with TFPRT.
10/30/2014 6.72       Enhanced iMail to allow DBCS on attachments; Fixed the properties on the PDF attachments.
02/07/2015 6.80       Routing Auto wrap message length is now equal to what is specified on the iMail Configuration; 
                      Added a search field in the iMail Group directory.                      

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