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Revision History

Below is a listing of revisions of Positive Pay

Date         Version Revision Notes
08.03.2007   5.0     Changed the unlock code scheme for version 5.0 of Positive Pay
06.21.2008   5.0     Extended the size of the payee name from a maximum of 35 characters
                     to a maximum of 80 characters.
                     Enabled a width of Positive pay file to be dynamically derived from
                     the application itself.
02/12/2012   6.0     Positive Pay now supports sFTP (SSH Secure Shell) and FTPs (FTP over SSL) transmission protocols.
07/28/2014   6.70    Enhanced Positive Pay module to include PGP encryption, signatures and custom file naming capabilities; Provide for the 
                     configuable use of date and time in the creation of the file name; In Pospay sFTP transmission we added support for these
                     additional properties: port, batchmode, identityFile.
03/19/2015   6.80    Change function key F1 to F4 as prompt-able on PP0467W2; Remove prompt for TARGET FILE field; Implement functions copy/delete 
                     for configuration as Pospay application is copied/deleted; Implement option 19 to build subfile to display 2 files stdErr.txt and stdOut.txt.

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