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Schedule Postive Pay Applications

To automatically schedule the procedures to create an extract file and to transmit the extract file, you need to first collect some information from your bank. The phone number to contact the bank’s computer, the transmission speed at which the information should be sent and the scheduled time that the transmission should take place all should be in hand and defined in the positive pay application. Contact inFORM Decisions to schedule a call with the proper technical people at the bank so that a test transmission can take place. Once the previous information has been collected, and the transmission test has taken place and confirmed, the scheduled job entries can be established.

From the Positive Pay menu select option 3. The command below will appear.

                     Add Pay App Schedule Entry (ADDAPPSCDE)                    
 Type choices, press Enter.                                                     
 Communication Line . . . . . . .   APPCLINE      Character value, *NONE        
 Vary Off Job Name  . . . . . . .   SCDVRYLIN     Character value               
 Vary Off Start Time  . . . . . .   '18:45:00'    00:00:01-24:00:00             
 Schedule Pay Applications:                                                     
   Pay Application Name . . . . .                 Value, or F4 for list         
   Extract Job Name . . . . . . .                 Character value               
   Extract Scheduled Time . . . .                 00:00:00-24:00:00             
   Transmit Job Name  . . . . . .                 Character value               
   Transmit Schedule Time . . . .                 00:00:00-24:00:00             
                + for more values                                               
 F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F5=Refresh   F12=Cancel   F13=How to use this display    
 F24=More keys                                                                  

The example above schedules a command to vary off an existing line at a 6:45pm. This is necessary since the sample line, APPCLINE, shares the same resources that will be required for the positive pay transmission to work correctly without conflicting with existing communication devices. The remaining parameters extract and send the data to the bank.

  • Communications Line - The entry signifies the communication line that needs to be varied off prior to sending the data to the bank. This refers to the communications line previously created in the configuration.
  • Vary off Job Name - Enter in the unique meaningful name to signify the job name to vary off the above communicaitons line.
  • Vary off Start Time - Specify the time in military format to begin scheduling off the communications line.
  • Pay Application Name - Specify the Positive Pay definition necessary for processing both the extraction and the transmission.
  • Extract Job Name - The entry signifies the communication line that needs to be varied off prior to sending the data to the bank.
  • Extract Schedule Time - Specify the time in military format to begin creating the communications extract file.
  • Transmit Job Name - Enter the unique meaningful name associated with the transmission time.
  • Transmit Schedule Time - Likewise, enter the transmission time also in military format.

Should more then a single entry need to be defined, placing a + in the prompt for more values will enable the above values to be defined two or more times to accomodate as many definitions.

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