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Using iMail with the IBM i SMTP and POP Servers

One can effectively use the IBM i SMTP and POP servers to route emails originated
by iMail. These servers are part of the core operating system and thus no extra cost.

The IP of the IBM System i in this example will given as

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You will need:
An email account to use as the from address. This account can be in either of these formats:, or

These instructions will work with the account in the first, more common format.

Host Table Setup

The IBM i server must understand itself as This can be established
by making an entry in the hosts table, menu CFGTCP option 10.

User Profile Setup

A user profile, JohnDoe, must be established with a password.
A directory entry must be established for him.

WRKDIRE, option 1 to add.

Complete the first screen as a normal directory entry, then:

Press F19 to add an SMTP name:

Returning to the main definition of the directory entry, page down a few pages
and set the following:

Mail Service Level - 2 System message store
Preferred Address - 3 SMTP Name

DNS Requirements

If you intend to transmit emails outside the company's intranet, please be aware of the following
additional requirements:


Some companies restrict outbound port 25, the well known smtp port. This port will need to be opened
so that the IBM i may transmit email outside the intranet.


The company's DNS records must be altered:

  • An A or CNAME record must be established for the apparent source IP of the SMTP server.
  • An MX record must be established for the server name provided in the A or CNAME record.
  • The SPF must be reviewed, altered and/or created as appropriate to provide for the IBM i SMTP Server.

Configuring iMail

Menu IMAIL, option 1 to configure iMail.

Set the SMTP Host Mail Server to the IP of the IBM i server:
Set the SMTP Port to: 00025
Set the Email Send Method.(SMTP/ESMTP) to: SMTP

Set these addresses: Sender Address, Default From Address to

Configuring IBM i Servers

Start Operations Navigator, and drill down to Network, Servers, TCP/IP.
Right click on the SMTP server and select properties.

The following settings are “cookbook”, and should work in basic situations.
This presumes the default setup.

General Tab:

Use Mail Router: None

Relay Restrictions Tab:

Allow Relay Messages: Set the radio button to Specified.
In the bottom of the dialog work with the Addresses Allowed to Relay dialog to
specify the subnets and masks allowed to work with this email server. This should include: to include the IBM i server itself to include all of Doe Corporation's PC's.

Multiple Domains Tab:

Check the checkbox: Specify domains associated with each interface.
Use the dialog to add to the interface

Additional Parameters Tab:

Uncheck Support Delivery Status Notification to cause the server to return emails to the sender rather than notify one email address of all failures.

When done click 'OK' to save. Then right click on the SMTP server and select 'stop'. Next right click on the SMTP server and select 'start'.

Next right click on the POP server and select the General Tab:

Check the checkbox to start when TCP/IP is started.
Click the radio button to specify non-secure only.
Click 'OK' to save. Then stop and restart the server as you did for the SMTP server above.

At this point the SMTP and POP servers should both be running.

Using A PC Email Client

Using a PC client such as Outlook, configure a new profile as follows:

1. User name: johndoe
2. Password: greenscreen password
3. Email address:
4. SMTP Server address: - the IP of the IBM i server.
5. SMTP Port: 25
6. Use POP3 for retrieving email, not imap.

You should now be able to send and receive email using Outlook, with the email server being
the IBM i.

Final Test

Go to menu iMail, option 12. Send a message to
Then, go to Outlook and check for new emails. It should be in the inbox.

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