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Send iACH Notifications

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Selecting option 22, Send iACH Notifications, will display the screen used to edit notification options.

                        Send iACH Notifications                        6/06/09 
FM7208               Notification and Pre-notifications                14:09:08 

Pre-Notification or Notification . . . : P  ( P=Pre-notification, N=Notification )
ACH Control Key . . . . . . . . . . . .: ____ F4=Prompt
Beginning ACH Transaction Date . . . . : ________ ( YYYYMMDD )
Ending ACH Transaction Date. . . . . . : ________ ( YYYYMMDD )


    F3=Exit   F10=Submit  F12=Cancel                                                                 

The first prompt, requests if this notification will be a notification entry or a pre-notification process. A pre-notification process will identify all of the transactions that have not yet been submitted and notify those recipients of a pending transaction using their prefered method of notification. Likewise, a notification process will identify those transaction which have been processed confirming that a transaction has taken place.

The request for the ACH Control Key, helps to identify whether these transactions should be debits or credits among other transaction details. Prompting for this selection will render a list of valid selection from the bank file.

The next two prompts request a date range of those entries slated for submission. Note that these dates must be in an ISO format with the four digit year first, followed by the month and day.

All of these entries will be validated should an F10 key be entered requesting that the selection be processed. Should an invalid notification type, ACH control key, or date be entered that selection be highlighted and a error message will appear below the function key menu. Otherwise, if F10 is deemed valid, the command SNDACHNOTE will be submitted for processing.

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