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 +====== iDriver Overview ======
 +iDriverTM is an inexpensive module add-on to Toshiba’s GL1010 and GL1020
 +copier/​printer that enables an iSeries report to be printed using any of the
 +Toshiba’s finishing options. With the current version 2.50, the iDriver’s
 +functionality has expanded to encompass the following printers: eStudio
 +350, 450, 520, 600, 720, 810, 850, 900, 901, 1050, 3510, 3511, 4511.
 +iDriverTM operates in one of three methods: manually, automatically,​ and
 +immediately. These three methods are briefly described below.
 +The manual method allows an iSeries spooled file to be chosen, and the
 +desired finishing options to be selected, and sent to the out queue.
 +The automatic method uses the iDriverTM finishing server to capture spool
 +files with user defined spool file attributes and subsequently applies the
 +predefined finishing options to the spooled files that meet the specified
 +The immediate method allows a programmer to embed a call to the iDriverTM
 +API program that will add the finishing options to the spooled file without
 +user intervention.
 +The benefits of iDriverTM are that customers may leverage the full
 +functionality of their Toshiba laser printer finishing options coupled with the
 +report formatting, font selection and text mapping tools of the iDocs
 +software. Users can format an iSeries report by selecting portions of the
 +spooled file, and assigning multiple fonts selections, sizes and styles.
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