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iDriver Overview

iDriverTM is an inexpensive module add-on to Toshiba’s GL1010 and GL1020 copier/printer that enables an iSeries report to be printed using any of the Toshiba’s finishing options. With the current version 2.50, the iDriver’s functionality has expanded to encompass the following printers: eStudio 350, 450, 520, 600, 720, 810, 850, 900, 901, 1050, 3510, 3511, 4511. iDriverTM operates in one of three methods: manually, automatically, and immediately. These three methods are briefly described below. The manual method allows an iSeries spooled file to be chosen, and the desired finishing options to be selected, and sent to the out queue. The automatic method uses the iDriverTM finishing server to capture spool files with user defined spool file attributes and subsequently applies the predefined finishing options to the spooled files that meet the specified criteria.

The immediate method allows a programmer to embed a call to the iDriverTM API program that will add the finishing options to the spooled file without user intervention. The benefits of iDriverTM are that customers may leverage the full functionality of their Toshiba laser printer finishing options coupled with the report formatting, font selection and text mapping tools of the iDocs software. Users can format an iSeries report by selecting portions of the spooled file, and assigning multiple fonts selections, sizes and styles.

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