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Software Overview

Thank you for purchasing a iDocs “Suite” product from inFORM Decisions. We are proud that you have selected us. We will work hard to assist you with the integration and training of our product(s), in order to move you closer to automated document workflow.

iDocs and associated “Suite” products are iSeries, SAA, host compliant, and utilize state-of-the-art raster-to-vector forms conversion technology to accomplish a fast, seamless solution for electronic form printing in an iSeries environment. In addition, iDocs “Suite” can offer modules to provide a complete, automated enterprise workflow environment for electronic forms, checks and “paperless” document distribution. As an industry recognized document solution, F0RMation won two Product Excellence awards in year 2000 for their form-check processing software, and email software “suite” products.

This User’s Guide serves to provide instruction for iSeries integration of electronic forms and checks.

The following comprises the complete iDocs “Suite”:

  • iDocs iSeries native Forms Printing Engine and output queue monitor
  • iForms iSeries native Electronic Laser Form Printing Software
  • iChecks iSeries native Security Laser M.I.C.R. Check Printing Software
  • iMail iSeries native Automated Email Software in PDF Formats
  • iView PDF Document Center, iSeries native, web-based archive-retrieval
  • iFax iSeries native Faxing of Documents Direct from the IBM i

Please contact your inFORM Decisions Sales for Information and Pricing on additional workflow modules of the iDocs “Suite”. The current version of the iDocs Suite is 8.0 (6/22/23). This has been certified to use with IBM i OS V7R5.

iDocs will offer simple menu’s and options to define your specific electronic form application to the iSeries. Orientation, Page Controls, Spool Mapping Instructions, Forms Merging Options, OutQueue Destinations, Conditional Text, Object and Form calls, and much more. When the form application setup is complete, iDocs’s engines will be started and run in the background, performing merges and routing these to the defined output queues. See a quick video of Multiple ways to get your IBM i data on to your documents.

Since electronic form files are merged with spool file data and converted to ASCII PCL HP or compatible laser printers supporting PCL 5(PCL 5c, PCL5e), files can be routed and printed across intra/internet networks, print-previewed, or archived and retrieved.

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