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Transmit a Postive Pay File

From the Postive Pay menu, select option 1, to Work with Positive Pay Applications. Select the desired positive pay application with an option 9 to send the transmission file associated with the application to the bank. Note that prior to sending this file, an option 11 may be placed next to the application to view the file to give a brief visual inspection of the data.

As the transmission program sends these records to the bank, an audit trail is created based on the report specifications. The report will list the detail records sent as well as a summary of total records and dollar amount transmitted.

Once completed, this file is copied to a new member within the Transmission File with a date time stamp. The screen shot below displays the members of FILE80. Note that the last bank transmission is contained in the member of the file, FILE80 and subsequent files set are archived in the file with a month day and time stamp.

Just like extract, the transmit option should only be used from the menu during an initial test phase. After the test phase is complete, the transmit procedure will be used within a job schedule entry.

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