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Transmit a Positive Pay File FTP

In some cases, financial institutions prefer transmission of Positive Pay file using their other methods other than bi sync transmission. These methods first and foremost require that the positive pay file be downloaded from the System i to a local PC. Doing so, can be accomplished by manually downloading the file, or more effectively using an FTP script wrapped within a batch file.

Below is an example of a batch file used simply to call FTP with an FTP script.

ftp -s:script.txt

The contents of the script file below would then be piped into the ftp session automatically executing the commands necessary to download the file.

open [systeminame]
quote site namefmt 0
get fmg/file80 c:\file80.txt

The resulting download file80.txt will contain the ASCII equivalent of the Positive Pay file on the local C: drive in the root directory.

If you encounter troubles with this file starting at the namefmt 0 command check the FTP server attributes on your i5 server by prompting the CHGFTPA command. Check the NAMEFMT and CURDIR attributes.

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