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iDocs for Windows Editor

Browse for pre-existing definitions then click the Edit button. Clicking the Edit button without specifying a pre-existing definition will create a new definition.

Define a Form

This is the first tab of the Define Form Edit.

  • Form Name: Name of the form. This is the filesystem name.
  • Form Description: Description.
  • Combine Printer Output: If checked, if a printer has been specified more than once, aggregate output to that printer into one document.
  • Global X Offset: X adjustment in pixels, 300 pixels/inch, to be applied throughout the application.
  • Global Y Offset: Y adjustment in pixels, 300 pixels/inch, to be applied throughout the application.
  • Global Map File: Map file, created by iMap, to be applied globally.

By selecting File then Add Printer from the pull down menu, a tab is added to the dialog for a printer. You may specify up to 40 printers for output.

Once a printer has been selected, use the ? prompts to list the possible values available with the printer driver specified. WinIDocs will query your driver to present a list of values.

You may also specify:

  • Page: First, middle or last. This marks the generated output to occur on the first, last, or pages in between only. If left blank this output will occur for all pages.
  • Trigger: Select a trigger to condition output for this printer. The trigger must have been defined in iMap. Support for this is not currently available.
  • Merge: Check this box to merge text data into the output document. Otherwise, no merge will be performed and only constant data will output.
  • Conditionals: Click the + to add a conditional text block, the ~ to edit the selected existing conditional, and the - to remove an existing text block. See documentation on text blocks.
  • Printer Level Map File: You may specify a printer level map file to be used in preference to the global map file.

Define a Check

When the user selects File then Add Check Parameters from the pull down menu, the Check Parameters tab appears.

  • Account Number: Enter the account number as the bank wishes it to appear.
  • Routing Number: Enter the bank's routing number as the bank specifies.
  • MICR Location: Enter the starting location of the MICR line on the check in pixels, 300 pixels/inch; 0,0 is the top left corner of the page.
  • MICR Font: Select a MICR font from among the fonts installed on a PC. Arial was specified in the example; obviously a valid MICR font is necessary for the bank to process a check.
  • Font Size: Specify a font size. Consult the documentation of the MICR font.
  • Micr Check Amount?: If checked and CHECK$ field was defined in iMap, WinIDocs will capture the check amount from the text document and print it in the MICR line using the specified MICR font.
  • Print Signature?: If checked, any specified signature overlays will be printed with the check.
  • Signature Overlay 1 & 2: Specify 1 or 2 signature overlays.
  • Signature Amount 1 & 2: If specified, WinIDocs will print any specified signature macros on the check unless the check amount is equal to or greater than this dollar amount. This is used to force manual signatures on high dollar checks if the user wishes.

Define an Engine

The engine definition editor is launched from the main dialog.

  • Engine Name: File system name of the engine.
  • Description: Description of engine for administrator.
  • Monitor: Full path including drive letter of the directory to monitor.
  • Archive: Check to archive the original text file in a subdirectory of the monitored directory.
  • i5 Spool Format: Check if the input spool file is a System i spool file with *FCFC print control characters.
  • Forms/Formsets: Name of form (formset not yet supported) to invoke when file name match occurs.
  • Doc Name Match: File name to match. May use file globbing.

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