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Work with ACH Detail Transactions

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This option enables you to modify and add transactions for specific ACH control records. Notably this option enables either individual or all transactions to be changed from an open status to a releases status. Released transactions then become eligible to be transmitted.

 7/10/09                   ACH Payment Solutions                     FM7209C1 
19:32:54                   Control Key Selection                     QSECOFR  
Type options, press Enter.                                                    
                 Opt  Control     Description                                 
                      ACHDEMO     ACHDemonstratrion                           
                      ACHNOTIFY   Test ACH Notify                             
                      ACHKEY      TEST                                        

The screen below illustrates all of the pending transactions for the ACH Control record, ACHNOTIFY. All of the transactions with the status of 'Released' have been accumulated, and the running total updated in the upper right of the screen just below the Daily ACH limit.

  7/10/09               ACH Payment Solutions                         FM7620C1  
 19:34:18             Expense Report - ACH Deposit Release            QSECOFR   
 Type options, press Enter.                      Daily ACH Limit:  1,000,000.00 
   2=Edit   4=Delete  5=Open  6=Release           Total Released:      5,826.97 
                 ACH       Employee                  Vendor     A/P             
 Opt Status     Amount     Name                      Number     Batch#          
     Open          100.01  Kerry Chamberlain           19651002                 
     Open        3,000.01  TEST Duplicate            VEND001                    
     Open        1,776.00                            NOTE000003                 
     Release     1,234.55  Vendor Test Entry 01      NOTE000001                 
     Release     1,234.55  Vendor Test Entry 01      NOTE000001                 
     Release       888.77  Vendor Entry Test 02      NOTE000002                 
     Release     1,234.55  Vendor Entry Test 02      NOTE000002                 
     Release     1,234.55  Vendor Test Entry 01      NOTE000001                 
 F3=Exit   F6=Add Transaction   F21=Release All                                 

Moreover, individual transactions may be edited or deleted. Should a transactions be selected for deletion, a valid reason code must be entered. These reason codes are as follows:

10 Returned draft
20 Dealer on hold
30 Terminated dealer
40 Paid by check
50 Adjustment to amount needed
60 Change to payee

 7/10/09               ACH Payment Solutions                         FM7620S4  
19:35:34                   ACH Entry Maintenance                     QSECOFR   
Type choices, press Enter.                                                     
 Vendor Number. . . . . :              F4=Prompt                               
 Invoice Number . . . . :                                                      
 Invoice Date (CCYYMMDD):                                                      
 Transaction Amount$  . :                                                      
F3=Exit  F4=Prompt  F10=Update  F12=Cancel                                     

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