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Work with ACH Spool Capture Applications

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Option 1 - Work with ACH Spool Capture Applications has two primary purposes. The first purpose allows you to select an existing spooled file and map the data elements from the spooled file to their corresponding ACH Fields. The second purpose allows you modify the previously defined values.

 6/20/09                ACH Payment Solution                         FM0465C1  
14:39:16               Work with ACH Applications                    QSECOFR   
 1=Edit            2=Configure datamap        3=Copy          4=Delete         
 7=Rename          8=Work with map fields    
                   15=Merge with Spool File     
            Opt  ACH         Description                Status                 
                 ACHAPP1     ACH Sample Application 1
                 ACHAPP2     ACH Sample Application 2           
F3=Exit   F6=Add                                             F21=System       

To create the ACH Spool capture application, press F6=Add. This enables the initial description of the application to be defined. Doing so, renders the screen below:

  7/11/09               ACH Payment Solutions                         FM0465D5  
 08:43:02                                                             QSECOFR   
 ACH Application   ACHAPP      Description  ACH Sample Application              
 F3=Exit   F10=Save   F12=Cancel                                                

Within this screen, simply enter in the ten character application name, and its corresponding description. Once this definition has been created, the application may be selected with an option 2 Configure datamap. The point of configuring a datamap from a spooled file is to select a spooled file that will contain a single financial transaction per page and map the location of each relevant data element from the first page from the beginning of its location to the maximum width of its ending location.

Initially, a listing of the current users spooled files will display. Alternatively, an F5=Out Queue may be select to view all the spooled files from a single out queue. Once a sample spooled file is identified, the selection is chosen from the list, and the fist of eleven data elements may be mapped.

Below is a list of these eleven reserved field names and their descriptions.

ACVEND Vendor Account
ACVNAM Vendor Name
ACINV Invoice Number
ACINDT Invoice Date
ACINV4 Invoice Sequence
ACAMT Invoice Amount
ACBNK# Vendor Bank Number
ACBNKA Vendor Bank ABA
ACACDT Vendor Withdrawal Date
ACBKTY Vendor Accout Type
ACKYNM ACH Control Key

The process begins by locating the first position of the fist element, Vendor Account, and placing the cursor in the beginning location of this field an pressing the F8=Mark data field start. Next the end of the element is located, and F8=Mark data field end is pressed. Completing the data field selection will render the next display which requires that the details of this mapped data to be configured.

 7/11/09                    ACH Payment Solutions                    FM2500D8 
08:47:07                   ACH Field Identification                  QSECOFR  
 ACH Application. . . ACHAPP        Field Name . . .            F4=List       
                                    Description. . .                          
pooled File Source                                                            
 From Row . . . . . .   1           To Row . . . . . . .    1                 
 From Column  . . . .  59           To Column  . . . . .   64                 
 F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F10=Save   F12=Cancel                                  

From within this screen locating the cursor in the prompt for field name and pressing F4=List will enable the reserved field names from the table above to be displayed. Simply selecting the reserved field name from the list will populate not only the prompt for the field name but also the description.

This data mapping process continues until all eleven elements from the first page are mapped and configured.

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