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Data Base Field Retrieval (6.03+)

Add data from a defined data base.

The data base field retrieval requires F7=Map Field Settings.

  • The mapped field must be a type 6.
  • The F7 key needs to be pressed to insure that the data base file has been defined.

                       Map Field Settings                         
  Map Field . . . . ADB        Type . . 6 Database field retrieval
  1st Key:             2nd Key:              3rd Key:             
    Concatenate Key Fields into a Single String Key *NO           
  File . .               Library *LIBL         Member *FIRST      
  Extract data from field                Edit code                
    From column         To column                                 
  Or constant Value                                               
  F4=Prompt    F10=Save     F12=Previous                          

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