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Configure Data Mapping

Mapping is normally done with iMap, the GUI mapping tool. This section discussed mapping using the green screen.

Selecting the Spool File

There are many ways to launch mapping; the most basic is to go to menu IDOCS, take option 1, and the select option 2 on the form application or check for which you wish to map. The spool file selection screen is display.

 5/10/07                     iDocs Form Suite                        FM2500C3  
16:36:54                    Work with Spooled Files                  QSECOFR   
                            User:  *CURRENT                                    
Type options, press Enter.                                                     
  1=Select   5=Display                                                         
                                                User           Total  Form     
Opt File       Job        User       Outq       Data       Sts Pages  Type     
    FMR2601    FMR2601    QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY    49  *STD     
    FMR0497    FMR0497    QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY    26  *STD     
    GETAUTH    QDFTJOBD   QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY    27  *STD     
    GETAUTH    QDFTJOBD   QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY    26  *STD     
    GETAUTH    QDFTJOBD   QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY    27  *STD     
    SMDATA     QPADEV000G QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY     3  *STD     
    QPDZDTALOG QPADEV000F QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY     1  *STD     
    SMDATA     QPADEV000F QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY     4  *STD     
 1  SMDATA     QPADEV000F QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY     3  *STD     
    FMGLASER   SEPG71A    QSECOFR    MYOUTQ     CXR9149    RDY     1* *STD     
    FMGLASER   SEPG71A    QSECOFR    MYOUTQ     CXR9138    RDY     1* *STD     
    FMR0465    FMR0465    QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY   210  *STD     
    FMR0465    FMR0465    QSECOFR    MYOUTQ                RDY   173  *STD     
F5=Output Queue   F12=Previous                                                 

You may toggle the display between spool files by user or spool files in an outqueue by using F5. Select the spool file to use for mapping by placing a 1 next to it, and press <enter>.

Selecting the Spool File Page

After selecting the spool file the spool file is displayed on the screen.

  5/10/07                     iDocs Form Suite                        FM2500C4  
 16:39:48            Data Mapping Definition Maintenance              QSECOFR   
 Position Cursor on map page, Press Enter.                                      
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Spooled File Data * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 ....+... 1 ...+... 2 ...+... 3 ... Page 001 +... 5 ...+... 6 ...+... 7 ...+... 
                                                                 177925  12/31/9
                                  ST LOUIS, MO                                  
              5409                                        5408                  
        ACME COMPANY                                ACME COMPANY                
        5555 CHARLESTOWN IND. DR.                   5555 CHARLESTOWN IND. DR.   
        ST CHARLES      MO  92618                   ST CHARLES      MO  92618   
                            CUSTOMER PICK UP                      X           14
         00-626-4675        CUSTOMER PICK UP                                    
   7002                          130        2     46#       130   2.40000      3
 LARGE LIGHT BEZEL         98479                                                
   7023                            0        2     30#       160   1.26000      2
 SMALL LIGHT BEZEL         98526                                                
          4              76#                      .00           .00             
 F3=Exit   F12=Previous                                                         
The purpose of this display is to select the spool file page with which to map. One should page down until the spool file page with the most representative data appears. Then, position the cursor over the page and press <enter> to select.

Creating Mapped Fields

Next appears the selected spool file page ready for you to specify mapped fields.

 5/10/07                     iDocs Form Suite                        FM2500C6  
16:41:59            Data Mapping Definition Maintenance              QSECOFR   
Form: DEMOINV    DEMO. INVOICE FORM                  Begin window Colunm:   1  
Line ....+... 1 ...+... 2 ...+... 3 ...+... 4 ...+... 5 ...+... 6 ...+... 7 .  
  6                                                                  177925    
  7                                   ST LOUIS, MO                             
  8               5409                                        5408             
  9         ACME COMPANY                                ACME COMPANY           
 10         5555 CHARLESTOWN IND. DR.                   5555 CHARLESTOWN IND.  
 11         ST CHARLES      MO  92618                   ST CHARLES      MO  9  
 12                             CUSTOMER PICK UP                      X        
 13          00-626-4675        CUSTOMER PICK UP                               
 14    7002                          130        2     46#       130   2.40000  
 15  LARGE LIGHT BEZEL         98479                                           
F3=Exit   F8=Mark Datafield Start   F12=Previous   F19=Left   F20=Right        

To create a mapped field, position the cursor over the start and press F8. Next, move the cursor to the end of the field and press F8 again. The mapped field window (below) appears for you to finish the mapped field definition. When that is complete the program returns to this screen for you to map additional fields. When finished you may press F3 to exit.

Some considerations:

  • When marking the end of the mapped field remember to allow for the maximum extent of the field. If the field is potentially 30 characters in length remember to map all 30 characters.
  • When mapping number remember to map first the full extent of the number to the left, because numbers usually have leading blanks, and the full extent to the right because numbers may have a trailing negative sign.

Mapped Field Maintenance

   2/13/15                     iDocs Form Suite                        FM2540S2  
 13:00:25                    Map Field Maintenance                    KKRAMER   
  Form Name. . . . . . AFORM         Field Name . AFIELD                        
                                     Description. Field Description                         
  From Row . . . . . .   2           To Row . . . . . . .    2                  
  From Column  . . . .   4           To Column  . . . . .   34                  
Overlay Target                                                                  
  Horizontal Position.  100  300dpi  Vertical Position. .   200   300dpi        
  Map Field  . . . . .               Map Type . . . . . .  2 F4=List  XY Mapping
  Font . . . . . . . .       F4=List                                     Align N
  Line Spacing . . . .       300dpi  Font Rotation. . . .   90  90° 180° 270°   
  Form Side. . . . . .       F4=List Non duplex field                           
  Color . .                  F4=List                                            
  Sort Sequence . . .                Scaling Barcode:  1 Barcode 128
  Bursting. . . . . .   N            Height (Inch):  1.0  Module Wid(.01") .010 
                                     Human Readable Text: Y Y/N                 
 F2=Conditionally Map   F3=Exit   F4=Prompt     F7=Map Field Settings           
 F9=Box Settings       F10=Save  F12=Cancel    F13=Configure Path  

The Mapped Field Maintenance screen appears after the second pressing of F8 to mark the end of the mapped field. Use it to fully specify or change the properties of a mapped field defined through green screen mapping or iMap GUI mapper.

  • Field Name: Enter the name for this field, and then enter a description. Alternatively, press F4 and select from the list of keywords for the field name. If you specify a key word you are stipulating to iDocs that the content of this mapped field is used for a particular purpose. See Field Name Key Words for a complete list.
  • Horizontal Position: X coordinate position of the top, left of the mapped field. 0 is the left margin. 300 pixels per inch.
  • Vertical Position: Y coordinate position of the top, left of the mapped field. 0 Is the top of the page.300 pixels per inch.
  • Map Field: Used to reference a mapped field number for mapping created with the Forms Designer in conjuction with Map Type 3. This technique is currently obsolete having been replaced by iMap but is still supported. Normally blank.
  • Map Type: Determines the technique that will be used to define and position the field being mapped. The options are:
    2 = Absolute Placement; 3 = Map Field Positioning; 5 = Dynamic Macros ; 6 = Database field retrieval; 7 = CHECK# retrieved from Bank master. 8 = *XLS Header Field; 9 = *XLS Detail Field; 1 = *XLS Total (Footer) Field
  • Font: Select a font from the list of LaserJet 4 printer resident fonts by pressing F4.
  • Align: Enter an alignment preference or leave blank. Accepted values are blank or 'N' = Neutral; 'C' = Center; 'L' = Left; 'R' = Right; 'G' = General format (6.92). When this field is ‘G’ then if the value is numeric, iDocs will format the numeric value as -134.456 and utilize right alignment.
  • Line Spacing: Number of pixels to increase the Y value of the pcl cursor when advancing lines in a multiline mapped field. The usual value is 50 pixels.
  • Font Rotation: Enter 90, 180, or 270 to rotate the mapped field. The direction of rotation is counter clockwise.
  • Form Side: Enter *NONE for a mapped field on a non-duplex document, *FRONT or *BACK for a duplex document.
  • Color: Select a color for data.
  • Sort Sequence: Sort sequence used to sort the pages in the input spool file on the value of this mapped field. Odd values specify ascending sequence, even values specify descending sequence. Lower numbers are a higher sort priority. Use values 1 - 9. Note that while the sorting field may be of any length, only the first 25 characters of the mapped field are used to sort the spool file.
  • Bursting: Close the spool file and open a new one if the value in this field has changed from the prior page.
  • Scaling Barcode: iBar option for scale-able bar coding available in Version 6.80. (The Human Readable option was added in version 6.85.) The F4 = Scaling Barcode Fonts prompt will display a list of supported Barcode Types. Note: Each bar code must be licensed by entering the appropriate registration code on the Module Registration Screen. Contact your Sales Person for additional information. If Scaling barcodes are being mapped, leave the Font field (above) blank.
  • Height (in inches): Specify the height of the scaling bar code in inches. i.e. 1.0 for 1 inch.
  • Module Width(.01“): For standard linear bar codes, specify the scaling bar code width of the individual 'bar' width. The actual width is determined by the number of characters represented. The default is 0.01. (One inch is 1.000). Caution, it is not the width of the printed bar code rather the width of each individual bar. For two-dimensional (or matrix square Quick Response barcodes), leave the Height field blank and specify the desired width in inches. Normally the width can be left blank and the default will be used.
  • Human Readable Text: Y/N: For Scaling bar codes, Y will display the human readable text below the printed bar code for symbologies that support human readable text. i,e, it will be ignored for QR codes. N will not display the human readable text below the bar code.

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