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Field Name Key Words

This is a list of the keywords that may be used to define a mapped field.


  • *BIN iDocs Output Bin
  • *DYNMACPTH (iDocs 6.93+) Dynamic macro path for Map Type 5
  • *FILENAME (iDocs 6.91+) is for attachment name.
  • *FORM iDocs Form Application
  • *OUTFILE IFS path to retain attachment (6.84) used to retain the attachment of mail Smart Routing or *TOADDRESS into certain IFS folder
  • *OUTQ iDocs Out Queue. Note: This field (from iDocs 6.84) is used when you want to retain the attachment of mail Smart Routing or *TOADDRESS into a specified IFS folder.
  • *PDFPASWRD Password used in protecting a PDF with password during the iDocs merge
  • *RANGE01 - *RANGE10 iDocs Tally value one
  • *TOTAL01 - *TOTAL10 iDocs Total Tally one
  • *TRAY iDocs Input Tray
  • *TRAYHCI High Capacity Input Tray 2-21 paper source (PCL5e + 18)

The following counters have been added to iDocs 6 and can be coded to retrieve page values for inclusion on the printed page. (Each can have up to 9 instances on an application)

  • *DOCPAGE Current document page number
  • *SIDEPAGE Current page side number (Side being each print impression)
  • *TOTALPGS Retrieves total pages from spool file attributes
  • *TOTDOCS Number of printed document pages (Document being a printed page whether it be simplex or duplex)
  • *TOTSIDES Number of printed page sides (Side being each print impression)

Used by iChecks

  • CHECK# iChecks Check Number used in MICR
  • CHECK#1 - CHECK#99 iChecks Check Number retrieved from the Bank Master (Used ONLY with map type 7 to print the check number on the stub or check)
  • CHECK#MOD9 iChecks Modulus 9 checksum digit appears in the serial number field of the MCIR
  • CHECK@# iChecks Check # Compress
  • BLOCK ONUS iChecks No Onus Act/Chk#
  • CHECK$ iChecks Payment Amount
  • *USRDTA iChecks Bank Application

Used by iChecks for Positive Pay Module

  • CHECKMM iPay Check Month
  • CHECKDD iPay Check Day
  • CHECKYY iPay Check Year (last 2 digits)
  • PAYEE iPay Check Payee
  • PAYEE1 iPay Check Payee Line 1
  • PAYEE2 iPay Check Payee Line 2

Used by iMail

  • *FRADDRESS iMail From Address
  • *TOADDRESS iMail To Address
  • *CCADDRESS iMail Cc Address
  • *BCADDRESS iMail Bc Address
  • *SUBJECT iMail Subject
  • *SUB0120 iMail Subject 1 thr 20
  • *SUB2140 iMail Subject 21 thr 40
  • *MESSAGE iMail Message
  • *MSG01 - *MSG09 iMail Message line one

Used by iFax

  • *FAXNBR iFAX FAX Number
  • *FAXDESC iFAX FAX Description
  • *FAXNBRUSR iFAX FAX Number User Data
  • *FAXTO iFAX FAX Recipient

Used by iPDF

  • *FILENAME iPDF File name of the PDF attachment mapped from the spool file (V6.91+)
  • *PDFPASWRD Password security for the PDF attachment mapped from the spool file (V6.95+)

Used by iBar

  • *RTRIMxx iBar Soft font trailing blank elimination (6.71+ will allow up to 99 instances)
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