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iDocs for Windows

iDocs for Windows is an experimental piece of Window software that strives to implement the ideas of iDocs for System i on the Windows platform. The core difference between them is that iDocs for Windows uses native Windows printing whereas iDocs for System i converses with printers using the HP Printer Command Language. Native Windows printing permits the use of any font installed on the pc, eliminating the distinction between printer resident and soft fonts, and output is possible to any installed printer driver.


iDocs for Windows requires

  • iMap version 1.6.48 or earlier. Very old and very new versions of iMap do not work with winIDocs. winIDocs will be made compatible with current iMap versions at some point in the future.


The core procedure to creating a check for form application are as follows:

  • Define the overlay. You may use any Windows software tool.
  • Print the overlay to the iDocs Driver.
  • Using iMap, create the mapping per requirements. Save the project to the pc in a place the engine (directory monitor) can find.
  • One can edit the map file created by iMap using the winIDocs Map File Editor. This is not normally necessary.
  • Using the iDocs for Windows Editor, define the form or check application. The map file created above is part of this definition.
  • Again using the Editor, define the engine including the directory to monitor. The form or check definition created above is part of this.
  • Then start the engine (monitor) and copy into the directory the text file that is to be processed to produce the form or checks.

iDocs for Windows Editor

All definitions and configuration other than the direct mapping are done through the iDocs for Windows Editor .

Invoking the Directory Monitor (Engine)

To monitor a directory and invoke a merge automatically, start the winiDocs engine by selecting Start Monitor from the Start/Programs menu. Use the Select button to load an engine definition created with the winIDocs Editor. Select the messaging level, and then click Start Engine. The monitor will run until OK is clicked. When not processing a new file in the directory, the engine monitor blocks - i.e. it consumes no CPU cycles while waiting. It does however occupy space in RAM.

Map File Editor

The iDocs for Windows Map File Editor is a tool for editing map files created with iMap.

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