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Conditional Mapping

You can make decisions to execute specific mapping instructions based on user defined “triggers” in the spool file

   3/26/14                     iDocs Form Suite                      FM2540C1    
 11:52:24                    Map Field Maintenance                  KKRAMER     
 Form Name. . . . . .      AAABARC   Field Name . . . BAR CODE                  
                                     Description. . . Code 128                  
 Map next field end of this field . . .  N  (Y/N)                               
 Conditionally Map                                                              
 AND/OR   Row       From      To     Operator   Value                           
                   Column   Column                                              
          *CURROW     6        9        =       Page                            
   AND    *CURROW    11       12        >       1                               
   OR     1           1        1        <>      1                               
 F3=Exit   F10=Save    F12=Cancel                                               

* If the value in column x to column y: Map this field only if the values specified exist in the columns specified, otherwise the field does not map.

Mapped Field Conditional Tests
 =equal to
 <=less than or equal to
 <less than
 >=greater than or equal to
 >greater than
 <> not equal to

Use caution with leading blanks in the comparison value field; do not enclose the test operator or the comparison value in quotes.

* *CURROW: Will automatically get the current row.

[ Configure Data Mapping ]

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