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Work With Form Applications

To work with Form Applications go to menu IDOCS and select option 1. The below list appears.

 5/08/07                     iDocs Form Suite                        FM0465C1  
16:22:34               Work with Form Applications                   QSECOFR   
 1=Edit            2=Configure datamap        3=Copy          4=Delete         
 7=Rename          8=Work with map fields    11=Conditional Text and Overlays  
14=Smart Routing  15=Merge with Spool File   16=Print Overlays  17=Import Map  
18=Spool Routing
            Opt  Form        Description                Status                 
                 ECTPO       Form created  with iMap    *CHECKIN               
                 DEMOINV     DEMO. INVOICE FORM         *CHECKIN               
                 ECTPO       Form created  with iMap    *CHECKIN               
                 IDRIVER01   iDriver Landscape          *CHECKIN               
                 IDRIVER02   iDriver Portrait           *CHECKIN               
                 IVWINVOICE  Form created  with iMap    *CHECKIN               
                 NULL1       Landscape Form             *CHECKIN               
                 TESTIP      test80                     *CHECKIN               
                 TEST132     Test 132                   *CHECKIN               
                 TEST80      Test80                     *CHECKIN               
F3=Exit   F6=Add   F13=Database Mapping   F15=Global Offset   F21=System       

  • Use option 1 to update a form application. Use F6 to add a new form application.
  • Use option 2 to define spool file mapping. This can be done to augment or instead of mapping from the iMap application.
  • Use option 3 to create a full copy of a form application.
  • Use option 4 to delete a form application. This option does not delete the macros and map files associated with the form application.
  • Use option 7 to rename the form application. Macros and map files associated with this form application are not renamed.
  • Use option 8 to work with mapped fields. You can change, copy and delete mapped fields created with iMap or using option 2, greenscreen mapping.
  • Use option 11 to conditionally add macros, text and overlays to the application.
  • Use option 14 to define database Smart Routing with output to iMail, iFax and print.
  • Use option 15 to manually perform a merge of an form application with a spool file.
  • Use option 16 to manually print just the overlays associated with a form application.
  • Use option 18 to define outqueue destinations for Smart Routing applications with failed address resolution.
  • Use option 19 Work with database map.
  • Use option 20 to merge with a Database file.

  • Use F6=Add to create a new blank form application.
  • Use F13=Database Mapping to define mapping from a database instead of a spool file.
  • Use F15=Global Offset to specify global offset
  • Use F21=System to display an OS/400 command prompt.

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